Month: September 2014

Alleged DUI Driver Arrested After Eating Pot at Traffic Stop

warrantedarrestSome DUI cases may look like they’re obvious and easy to convict — and that may be the case. That doesn’t mean, however, that a good defense attorney isn’t necessary. Prosecutors often seek the maximum penalty or sometimes seek to make an example of a particular case, resulting in a punishment far greater than the crime should allow. An advocate in the defendant’s corner can mitigate the sentence.

Police in Harrington, Delaware say they’ve arrested a drunk driver who ate marijuana when he was stopped by the police.

According to media sources, an officer stopped a 40-year-old driver. A police officer noticed the smell of alcohol coming from the vehicle and noticed a plastic bag containing marijuana on the console.

The officer went back to his car to check his computer and get details on the driver’s license. When the officer returned to the suspect’s vehicle, he noticed the plastic bag was gone and the suspect was eating the marijuana.… Read More

Alleged DUI Driver Hits Pennsylvania State Trooper

Rusty ClarkA DUI arrest does not mean the loss of all rights. In fact, those who are facing those charges need to make sure their rights are protected more than ever. Prosecutors are often eager to get another DUI conviction, and those who are thought to have been driving under the influence are rarely given the benefit of the doubt. An experienced DUI defense attorney is absolutely necessary for any defendant to ensure that any hearings or trial proceedings respect the rights of the accused.

A sport utility vehicle rammed into the back of a Pennsylvania state trooper’s cruiser on I-76.

While the trooper’s car was heavily damaged, the trooper inside did not suffer any serious injuries. The accident occurred around 2:30 in the morning.

The SUV hit the police cruiser, which then ran into a Mercury Marquis.

Police arrested the driver of the SUV for driving under the influence.

If you’ve been arrested on DUI related charges, you don’t have to face them alone.… Read More

Pennsylvania Light on License Suspensions for DUI Cases

According to a recent report run by The Philadelphia Inquirer, people who are repeatedly caught driving under the influence of alcohol in the state of Pennsylvania are more likely to keep their licenses than in any other state in the nation.

The report asserts that because Pennsylvania doesn’t have a mandate for ignition interlock devices being issued to even those committed of their first DUI, and because the state does not automatically suspend the licenses of defendants who have failed sobriety tests.

The Inquirer says this is because of a 2009 Pennsylvania Supreme Court opinion that says drivers must first be convicted of DUI before being considered a repeat offender. Unless a conviction occurs, every incident is considered a first-time offense.

Another factor that plays into this, according to the paper, is that police sometimes to not also charge alleged DUI drivers with driving suspended. This omission if added to a DUI charge could increase jail time significantly.… Read More

DUI Vehicular Homicide Case Starts in Washington County

A 42-year-old Ellsworth man will be standing trial for the charge of vehicular homicide for his part in an alleged hit-and-run accident that left a female pedestrian dead in Washington County.

On August 15th of this year, Brittany Martie Chapman, 29, was walking on South Main Street when she was hit by a pickup truck, allegedly being driven by Robert Lee Meyers Jr., 42.

A judge has ordered Meyers to stand trial for vehicular homicide and other related charges in an alleged hit-and-run accident that claimed the life of a pedestrian in Ellsworth, Washington County.

According to State Police investigators, Meyers struck and killed Chapman around 8:40 p.m. The accident occurred approximately 100 yards south of Juniper Street as Chapman was walking home from a local bar. Meyers fled the scene of the accident and Chapman was pronounced dead just after 9:30 p.m.

Myers has been charged with homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence of alcohol, leaving the scene, aggravated assault by vehicle and other related charges.… Read More

Dashboard Cameras Now Law

Because of a bill that has just been signed into law by New Jersey Governor Christie, police cars must have video dashboard cameras installed.

The law comes after Washington Township assemblyman, Paul Moriarty, was exonerated of all charges of drunken driving when police video presented in court showed the city official passing field sobriety tests that were issued to him. The officer who arrested Moriarty is currently facing charges of harassment after Moriarty was cleared of the charge.

Moriarty said in a news conference in Cherry Hill that the cameras will help to protect both police officers and average citizens. He also said that he hopes dashboard cameras in police cruisers will ensure that evidence and testimony given in court will be accurate.

A similar bill that requires all police officers to wear body cameras was introduced by state senator, Donald Norcross. Norcross said that the plan is definitely in place to implement the body cameras, and all that is left now is to narrow down the field of potential vendors of the devices.… Read More

PA Senate Hearing Calls for Tougher DUI Laws

Jay WilliamsDUI law is always a hot topic in legislative circles and with the public. There are few issues so emotionally charged and that often works against those who are accused of DUI. Yet people believed to have been driving under the influence deserve the benefit of the doubt, just like everyone else. Their charge should not be treated any worse than any other comparable accusation. A good DUI lawyer can help ensure this is the case.

Some are calling for stronger DUI laws, claiming that current statutes do not do enough to stop repeat offenders who become a public danger. A state Senate committee hearing was convened to address the issue.

A man, whose 24-year-old son was killed in 2012 by a drunk driver called the worst drunk driver in Chester County by prosecutors, told the committee that the weak laws in Pennsylvania were killing people.

Media sources say people who have many DUI offenses can still keep their licenses.… Read More

DUI Defendants in PA More Likely to Keep Driver’s Licenses

Wikimedia Creative CommonsDUI is a big priority to many legislators and advocacy groups. It’s understandable, when understanding that many people have been hurt or killed by DUI drivers. Still, this does not mean that everyone accused of DUI should be automatically receive the harshest punishment possible. Everyone deserves a fair trial, DUI defendants as much as any other.

A Philadelphia newspaper states Pennsylvania DUI drivers are more likely to keep their licenses than they would be in many other states, even after repeated offenses.

The newspaper also mentioned Pennsylvania doesn’t force drivers to have interlock devices installed in the vehicles of first-offense DUI offenders, nor do drivers who fail sobriety tests face an automatic suspension of their licenses.

According to the newspaper, a court opinion rendered five years ago means drivers must be convicted of DUI for it to count as an offense, so multiple arrests can all be treated like the first arrest, so long as no convictions occur.… Read More

State Senators Encouraged to Strengthen DUI Laws

At a recent hearing Pennsylvania State Senate committee have heard from witnesses who hope that the state’s DUI laws can be toughened. Many say that the current laws that are on the books are not strong enough to keep repeat DUI offenders off the road.

One such witness, Robert Crowley, suffered the loss of his 24-year-old son because of a repeat drunken driving offender who has been labeled the worst drunk driver in Chester County.

Another witness, Chris Demko lost his 18-year-old daughter to another driver who was both DUI and high on heroin at the time of the accident.

Chris Demko, whose 18-year daughter Meredith was killed was killed in July by a driver who was intoxicated and high on heroin cautioned, “Don’t let it be too late for others.”

Media sources say that an average, one person per day is killed by a driver under the influence of either alcohol or other intoxicating substance in the state of Pennsylvania.… Read More

Trial Held for Man Accused of Washington County Woman’s Hit-and-Run Death

Hit and RunEveryone has the right to a fair trial, meaning the defendant’s side of the story should be given equal consideration to that of the prosecution. Sadly, this is not always the case. Too many times, those accused of DUI-related offenses are not given the benefit of the doubt at all. An experienced DUI defense attorney is necessary to make sure the rights of the defendant are respected at all times.

A man is now standing trial for vehicular homicide and other charges after an alleged hit-and-run accident that killed a pedestrian in Ellsworth, Washington County.

Media sources report the 42-year-old defendant wept more than once during testimony at a preliminary hearing.

According to state police, the defendant allegedly hit a 29-year-old woman with a pickup truck as she walked home from a local bar on August 15. Police say he then fled the scene.

The accident occurred around 8:40 in the evening and the victim was pronounced dead less than an hour later, the coroner said.… Read More

After Wrecking into a Police Crusier, a DUI Charge

Everyone deserves to be heard, no matter how serious the mistake might be. In this country, we are guaranteed this right by our laws. matter who you are or what you’ve done, one fact remains always true: You have the right to a fair trial.

A Delaware man is currently facing charges of driving under the influence of alcohol and vehicular assault after he rear-ended a New Castle County police cruiser. Albert Lech, 49, is currently facing his third DUI offense, reckless driving and vehicular assault. . According to officials, Lech was arraigned and then released after posting $5,500 in secured bail.

According to authorities, the accident happened Monday afternoon at approximately 4:19 p.m. on Four Seasons Parkway in Newark. The police vehicle with two officers was traveling westbound near Summer Park Crescent in a fully marked Chevrolet Tahoe patrol vehicle. The police vehicle was rear ended by a 2008 Jeep Wrangler being driven by Lech.… Read More