Month: October 2015

Allegheny County’s DUI Hotel

download (10)In Allegheny County, if you are convicted of a first-time DUI, you may find yourself being checked into the so-called “DUI Hotel” rather than serving your sentence locked up in a jail cell.

The program has seen thousands of first-time offenders serve their time in the form of a three night stay. While it may sound a little bit more like a vacation than a sentence, not everyone thinks it is fair. Inmates at the hotel do have privileges such as being able to smoke, have their cellphone and access to a computer that they wouldn’t have in jail. Other critics complain that it’s unfair to the poor who cannot afford the fee.

Originally, the DUI hotel was launched in 2010 due to the unusually high number of DUI arrests and convictions. These arrests were creating administrative and logistical issues within a judicial system that was already being overwhelmed. The stated goal of the DUI hotel is to cut down on the number of first-time DUI offenders and insure that they don’t end up back in court again for additional charges of DUI.… Read More

Burlington County Extends Designated Driver Program

download (9)A community in Burlington County is planning to extend a pilot program it launched to give residents a free ride home if they have had too much to drink while out on the town.

Evesham Township is extending the program until the end of the year According to Township Mayor Randy Brown, :the community has provided 350 people with free rides last month contracting for those rides through Uber. It’s all a part of a national program called BEmyDD, or Be My Designated Driver.

Brown said that the rides are only for residents of Evesham residents and serves the town’s 19 bars, restaurants and golf courses to take residents home that need a ride after having had too much to drink.

The program will continue until January 2nd, and runs seven days a week, from 9 p.m. until 2:00 a.m.

To use the service, residents are able to download a special app onto their smart phone.… Read More

Yes, Motorized Wheelchairs are Vehicle Too

download (37)A man has been arrested for DUI in the state of Florida while using his motorized wheelchair. According to authorities in Brevard County, Ronny Scott Hicks, 54, was arrested shortly after midnight at AIS Trail Park in the town of Palm Bay after police said that he was blocking multiple lanes of traffic on a bridge. Officers indicate that Hicks smelled strongly of alcohol.

Hicks refused to take a field sobriety test and he declined treatment for an unexplained head wound.

Hicks is currently being held in the Brevard County Jail on $5,000 bond. Court records indicate that Hicks has had previous DUI convictions: two in 2013 and one in 1998. The records do not indicate, however, whether the previous convictions were while Hicks was in a wheelchair or another type of vehicle.

It doesn’t matter what type of motorized vehicle you are operating, whether it is an automobile, boat, lawnmower, golf cart or even a motorized wheelchair, driving after you have been drinking is never a good idea.… Read More

Motorcyclist Killed in Police Chase

download (36)A motorcyclist has been killed while he was being chased by state police in southwestern Pennsylvania on Thursday. According to the Washington County coroner, the victim is identified as Christopher Novick, 46, of Mount Pleasant Township.

State Police say that they attempted to pull Novick over on Route 18 at approximately 2:00 a.m. but Norvick fled from officers. He crashed approximately 1 mile away. He was transported to Canonsburg Hospital where he later died as a result of injuries sustained in the accident.

Court records indicate that Norvick had a long record of arrests, Novick had been arrested three times for drunken driving, as well as charges of resisting arrest or fleeing from police.

Of course, when someone is facing the charge of DUI, it can be hard to fight the instinct to flee. A conviction of a DUI offense can carry serious consequences – but it is nothing worth risking your life over.… Read More

Man Arrested for Seventh DUI

download (3)A Delaware man has been arrested for what will be his seventh DUI after he crashed into a parked school bus and then passed out.

According a report from Delaware State Police Troopers, the accident occurred at approximately 10:10 a.m. on Thursday at the First Student Transportation bus yard located in Newark.

When State Troopers arrived on the scene, they found John R. Owens, 57, passed out behind the wheel of his Dodge Caliber.

Investigators reports that Owens entered the bus lot, struck the rear of a parked school bus and then exited the lot only to later return and collide with a chain link fence before passing out in his vehicle.

Emergency crews transported Owens from his vehicle in the bus lot and to the Christiana Hospital for evaluation. He was not injured in the crash.

State Police have charged Owens with DUI, Driving while Suspended and driving with No Valid Proof of Insurance.… Read More

Four Students Injured in Bus Crash

images (13)Nine people have been injured after an accident involving a car, an SUV and a school bus last week. Among the injured were four students.

According to authorities, the accident happened at the intersection of Rampart and Bissonet streets when the driver of a silver Toyota FJ Cruiser traveling at a high rate of speed down Rampart crashed their vehicle into a maroon car and pushed it into the school bus.

Witnesses say she started pushing on the brake to stop but the driver of the Toyota kept pushing. The driver did stop eventually but not until the car had been left in a mangled hulk between the two other vehicles.

A total of nine people were transported by paramedics to an area hospital. Four of those injured were students on the school bus, while the other accident victims included two children and one adult in the maroon car and two people who were in the Toyota Cruiser at the time of the accident.… Read More

Alleged DUI Hit and Run Involves Disabled Person

download (41)According to authorities, Clint Edelman, 34, of the Swisshelm Park neighborhood in Pittsburgh struck Melissa Brown as she crossed the intersection of South Beatty Street and Baum Boulevard in her motorized wheelchair. Edelman left Brown in the middle of the street among the wreckage of her wheelchair and in a pool of blood.

Video shows Edelman failing to stop his vehicle, a white Pontiac, at the sign and the pedestrian crosswalk, striking Brown. Brown was watching the ensuing commotion from a parking lot from across the street until eyewitnesses identified him to police as having been the one who caused the accident.

An 8-year-old boy had been walking alongside Brown’s wheelchair at the time of the incident, but was unharmed.

Brown was transported to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in critical condition. She remains in the hospital with multiple broken bones and head injuries.

Officers reported that Edelman’s speech was slurred, his eyes were bloodshot and he smelled strongly of alcohol at the time.… Read More

Police Investigate Mother whose Underage Son May Have been Drinking

philadelphia-countyThe Allegheny County District Attorney’s Offices has announced that it is now investigating the mother of a 20 year old son. The son struck and killed a 6-year-old with her car.

Investigators say that they are trying to determine whether the mother of Travis Grayson, 20, gave the minor alcohol and whether she knew he was drunk when he left the family home on Saturday.

According to authorities, Grayson was driving his Ford Mustang when he struck and killed Ava Campbell, aged 6, on Locust Ridge Drive located in Shaler Township.

Grayson allegedly admitted to police of having consumed 10 beers at the time of the fatal accident and had been smoking marijuana at home just hours before. Grayson also told police officers that his mother and sister had been at home at the time.

The DA’s office said that Travis’ mother, Dawn Grayson, could be facing criminal charges of her own in the incident.… Read More