Month: May 2014

Moon Township Mom Arrested for DUI

A DUI arrest always feels like a devastating experience, no matter what the circumstances. Such charges carry not only fines, and the possibility of jail time and a suspended license, but a threat to reputation and employment, both present and future. Everyone has a right to fight against these charges and to make their best attempt to erase this stigma that could ruin his or her future, but this is only possible with the right attorney.

A woman in Moon Township has been charged with DUI after police pulled her over with her 2-year-old daughter in the car. According to police, this is not the first time she’s been pulled over for that particular infraction. This time was different because of an incident of road rage was involved.

The 40-year-old mother was driving a white Toyota SUV. The Moon Township chief of police claims she was not just driving. A 911 call details the suspect chasing another car, even bumping that other car with her own vehicle numerous times.… Read More

Accident Report Leads to DUI Arrest

Ken HawkinsNo two DUI cases are alike. In fact, some are quite decidedly unique. This makes them often difficult to defend, at least without the right attorney. Just as every DUI case is not the same, neither is every DUI defense lawyer. The right one can change a case that looks hopeless into a settlement everyone can live with, or even dismissed charges or a not guilty verdict.

According to Lousiana State Police, a 31-year-old man drove to a troop headquarters to file an accident report — while drunk.

The alleged drunk driver was put into the East Baton Rouge Parish jail on $1,000 bond.

A state trooper says the suspect called state police to say he had been involved in a hit-and-run crash on Interstate 10 in Baton Rouge. He was told to come to headquarters to fill out an official report. But when he arrived, a trooper smelled alcohol.… Read More

Man Drives Under the Influence to Police Station to File Accident Report

Police StationAnyone can suffer from a momentary lapse of judgment. Sometimes those mistakes can be both embarrassing and costly.

A 31-year-old man near Baton Rouge, Louisiana is finding this out first hand. He has been accused of driving to Louisiana State Troop a headquarters while under the influence of alcohol in order to file an accident report.

The man was arrested at headquarters and is now in the East Baton Rouge Parish jail with his bond being set at $1,000.

According to State Police Troopers, the man had called the State Police offices stating that he was the victim in a hit-an-run crash on Interstate 10 in Baton Rouge. Officers told him to come to headquarters in order to file a crash report.

Officials indicate that when the man got out of his vehicle, officers detected the smell of alcohol. They then administered field sobriety and breath tests, which he failed.… Read More

Man with Prior DUI Convictions Struck and Killed by Drunk Driver

Sprawling CitySometimes life is filled with ironies that defy description, let alone understanding. Just such a situation unfolded in the case of a man in Orange County, California. Haitham Gamal, 38, had been previously convicted of three separate DUI incidents and had just been released from a rehab facility when he was himself tragically struck and killed by another drunken driver.

According to authorities in Dana Point, on April 29th, Gamal had been riding his bicycle when a 2001 Acura hit him. Gamal was pronounced dead at the scene the accident.

Sadly, the fatal crash happened just one day after Gamal had plead guilty to a DUI charge made in January of last year in the Orange County Superior Court in Santa Ana. With two other prior DUI convictions, Gamal had been sentenced to five years of probation and 45 days in jail. He was going to serve 20 days in jail and then 45 days of home confinement just one day before he died.… Read More

Former Paramedic Of the Year Arrested for DUI

tykuThere are no circumstances that can erase the fact that everyone is entitled to a fair defense, when it comes to legal matters. No matter who the defendant is or what the defendant is alleged to have done, both sides of the story have to be heard. How well the defendant’s side is told, however, depends entirely upon the quality of his or her legal counsel.

A former South Carolina paramedic has been charged after crashing his RV. He is alleged to have been driving under the influence. Troopers say he also attempted to escape his handcuffs.

The former paramedic was arrested after he lost control of his RV on Highway 200 and flew right into a ditch. A witness said the RV had left the ground for several yards and the driver of the motor home was bleeding from the head.

Troopers say the RV driver attempted to hide his level of intoxication when questioned.… Read More

DUI Driver Being Held on $350K Bond


David Shankbone via Wikimedia Creative CommonsOne of the nation’s highest laws states that everyone has the right to a fair hearing when accused of a crime. In reality, obtaining a fair hearing can be very difficult for someone who’s been arrested on DUI charges. There is a certain stigma attached to driving under the influence which can cause people to essentially decide the defendant is automatically guilty and deserves the worst penalty. This is why a good DUI defense lawyer is absolutely necessary for a truly fair hearing in which the rights of all involved are respected.

A North Liberties man was arrested for drunk driving and involuntary manslaughter after he struck and killed a man who was assisting one of his coworkers outside a North Philadelphia beer distributor.

The 64-year-old suspect has been held on $350,000 bail as he awaits a preliminary hearing, according to court records. He was driving a 1995 Chevrolet 1500 van when he hit the 54-year-old victim, who was attempting to help his coworker back up a delivery truck.… Read More

54 Year Old Man Killed In Running Lane

Oliver H via Wikimedia Creative CommonsIn the early afternoon Monday, a man was killed when he was struck by a vehicle. Stuart Moore, 54-years-old, was standing in the running lane of the 800 block of W. Girard Avenue while assisting a coworker who was trying to back up his truck.

The vehicle that struck Moore was driven by Ronald Manson, who remained at the scene of the accident. Manson was arrested and charged with Driving under the Influence, Involuntary Manslaughter, and Homicide by Vehicle, Homicide by Vehicle While DUI as well as other related charges.

Moore, who was a resident of the 1300 block of N. 10th Street, was pronounced dead at the scene.

If you are facing the charge of DUI, give the Law Offices of Steven E. Kellis a call. Mr. Kellis has over 20 years of experience in both DUI conviction and defense, so he knows the law. Facing the charge of DUI is very serious and having a conviction on your record could cost you your job as well as your license and the expense of having to pay higher insurance rates as a result.… Read More

Man Arrested for DUI Accident That Killed Philadelphia School Cop

Elvert Xavier Barnes PhotographyDriving under the influence carries a stigma that few other crimes can match. The punishments tend to be very harsh for what is often brief, and never repeated, lapse of judgment. Reputations can be ruined with even the allegation of drunk driving. This is why it’s so important to get discreet and skilled legal help as soon as possible when charged with DUI.

A Philadelphia School District police officer was killed in a two vehicle accident in Upper Darby. Authorities have charged the second driver with homicide by vehicle.

According to authorities, the 47-year-old officer was on his motorcycle, driving to work, when he hit a pickup truck at around 11 at night. Police claim the pickup driver was both drunk and reckless at the time.

The police superintendent in Upper Darby says the pickup driver was turning right, and turned directly into the path of the motorcycle. The motorcycle had no time to stop, said the superintendent.… Read More

Man Charged with DUI Death of Pedestrian

mister williamNo one denies that driving while intoxicated can result in tragedy. That’s one of the reasons why it is so harshly prosecuted. That doesn’t mean that anyone accused of the crime, however, should immediately be given the worst possible sentence and be subjected to a lifetime of condemnation. Even those who get behind the wheel after drinking have the right to a defense, and they should get as strong a defense as possible.

A driver has been charged with DUI, along with other charges, in the case of a pedestrian who was killed in North Philadelphia.

Investigators say the 54-year-old victim was in the running lane, attempting to help a friend back up his truck, when the suspect’s car ran into him. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

According to investigators, the driver did not flee the scene and remained until the authorities arrived.

The 64-year-old suspect was arrested for DUI, and was subsequently charged with involuntary manslaughter, homicide by vehicle, homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence, and other related charges.… Read More

Motorist Reports Drunken Driver, Finds Himself Arrested for Driving While High on Drugs

Elvert BarnesEvery story has two sides — sometimes even more than two, depending upon who is involved and what the story is. This includes incidents involving drunk driving. It might be that the driver was not actually drunk, or that the drunken driving incident was just a mistake after a lifetime of safe driving. But even if one is involved in multiple DUI offenses, he or she still has the right to be heard and considered.

A driver in New York called police on a hit-and-run involving an alleged drunk driver who sideswiped his car, according to authorities. The caller, however, was arrested for being behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs.

The 38-year-old suspect was driving on a state parkway when a car sped by, struck his vehicle, then kept going. He called the police, who eventually found the other driver — a 57-year-old man from Poughkeepsie, according to media sources.… Read More