Month: May 2017

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Stay Safe This Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is the start of the summer season, even though summer doesn’t officially start for a few more weeks. According to the National Safety Council, the weekend can be a deadly one for those on the road. Using statistics, members of the Council estimate that there will be 40,000 injuries and over 380 deaths over the weekend. You can do your part by making sure that you, your friends and family are practicing safety.


For some, alcohol is a part of barbecues and other cookouts. If you are of legal age, there is nothing wrong with consuming a beverage or two. The problem stems from overconsumption. It is also risky to combine alcohol and other activities such as grilling, swimming and driving.

Do not consume alcohol in excess. This is especially true if you are going to be outdoors in the sun. The sun and heat will exacerbate the effects of alcohol and you will dehydrate more quickly.Read More

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Pennsylvania’s Open Container Law

You’re planning on going out with friends for a few “adult beverages.” You get picked to be the driver, which means your drinks will be soft. On the way to the bar, one of your passengers cracks open a cold one moments before you are pulled over by the police. Your  get charged with open container. But how?

Open Container Laws in Pennsylvania

The open container laws as they stand throughout the state pertain to both drivers and passengers. No person in your vehicle, despite being legally of age to drink alcohol, can have an open container in a motor vehicle. It also does not matter if the person with the open container has consumed the alcohol. Any alcoholic beverages in a motor vehicle must be sealed.

21 Is No Defense

Again, it does not matter if a person is 21 or older if they are found to have an open container in a motor vehicle.Read More

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When Police Get Charged with DUI

People tend to think that police abide by the law at all times. We picture them as upstanding citizens, and that’s a natural assumption — most are. What happens when the police run afoul of the law and find themselves arrested? A story recently hit the news in Pennsylvania that answers just this question.

An Overview

An officer with the Erie Bureau of Police was driving her off-duty vehicle on February 18 when she crossed the center line. She ran headlong into another car, causing the driver of that car to be fatally injured. She was charged with several felonies, including homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence, aggravated assault by DUI and homicide by vehicle. Her bond was set at $75,000.

The Accident

According to reports, the officer was driving under the influence of alcohol when she crossed the centerline. She hit one car head on and then another ended up involved in the collision.… Read More