Month: May 2015

Driver Plows Truck Through House, Charged with DUI

downloadA woman has been arrested and expected to face the charge of DUI after her truck plowed through a house in Elizabeth Township.

Police indicated the woman in her 50’s, whose name has not been released, appeared to be intoxicated and will face likely charges of driving while intoxicated.

According to Elizabeth Township Fire Department Chief Peter Hough Jr., the truck crashed so far into the house and caused enough damage that rescuing the driver could have brought the second story of the structure down on top of the firemen sent to the scene.

The truck door could not be opened until firefighters installed supports to keep the house from falling.  The woman was finally freed from her vehicle and treated for minor cuts and bruises.

The house on Industry Road, according to neighbors, is used as a “man cave” to hold hunting trophies and guns of the homeowner.  The house was unoccupied at the time of the crash. … Read More

Alcohol Ban Lifted in Bellevue

downloadAn election in Bellevue has lifted a decades-long ban on alcohol sales in that town.

Those who were in favor of lifting the alcohol sales ban that had been in effect for 80 years were in a celebratory mood after a proposal to allow liquor sales in Bellevue finally passed. In the previous election regarding the ban four years ago, the measure failed by less than 100 votes.  This most recent election ended differently and saw the lift of the ban by more than 300 votes.

Now restaurants and live music venues will be able to serve alcohol and will make Bellevue become more of an entertainment destination in the future.

There are those in Bellevue who are displeased that the ban was lifted. Those who were opposed and involved in keeping bars out of the town have stated that they will keep a close eye on who actually is issued a liquor license in Bellevue.… Read More

Bus Driver Accused of DUI with Students on Board

images (13)A school bus driver in western Pennsylvania has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol while 12 students were aboard her bus. According to official reports, Patti Komack, 53, of Hopewell Township, other school bus employees contacted Hopewell Area School District Superintendent Charles Reina contacted police after alcohol was smelled on Komack’s breath the morning of April 23.

Komack has been charged with child endangerment. Another bus was dispatched to pick up the students on Komack’s bus. The students on the bus include those who attend Hopewell Senior High School and two private schools. The District Superintendant said that Komack is no longer employed.

Tests taken by police indicate that Komack had a blood-alcohol rate that exceeded the 0.02 percent limit for school bus drivers. The limit for most other drivers is four times higher at 0.08 percent.

Anyone who is facing the charge of DUI can also be looking to a great deal of harm to their personal reputation and livelihood as well.… Read More

Four Witnesses Testify Against Man in DUI Manslaughter Case

what-happens-if-i-plead-guilty-dui-pennsylvaniaAccording to State Police, Jared Schillinger, 30, of Indiana Township, was driving under the influence on Route 28 when he struck the vehicle of Rikki Fleming, 18.

Four witnesses testified during the non-jury trial that they had seen Jared Schillinger driving erratically just prior to the crash. All four witnesses saw the Jared Schillinger’s vehicle hit Fleming’s vehicle from behind.  The impact, according to the witnesses, was so powerful that Fleming was thrown from her car. She was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Schillinger, at the time of the accident, had a blood alcohol level of 0.231 percent – nearly three times the legal limit of 0.08. Allegheny County Judge Tom Flaherty ruled that because of Schillinger’s blood alcohol level and that investigators determined that he had been driving between 70 and 75 miles per hour when he hit Fleming’s vehicle, was guilty of the charge.

Schillinger is scheduled to be sentenced on August 6th.… Read More

Suspected DUI in Two Vehicle Crash in Philadelphia

download (21)A two-vehicle crash has left two people injured after an accident that happened on 47th and Walnut Streets in Philadelphia. Authorities say that alcohol is suspected to have played a role in an accident that sent two people to a local area hospital. Several parked cars were also damaged in the crash.

There are many simple stories like this in the news, but they never tell the whole story. That comes out in the court trial. If you want your side presented fairly and persuasively, you need an experienced DUI lawyer on your side.

If you or a loved one is facing the charge of DUI or DWI, it is always a serious matter. A DUI conviction can mean jail time, heavy fines, higher insurance rates and other consequences.  It’s very important that you choose an attorney who can defend you and your rights. You need a lawyer who knows DUI defense law.… Read More

Debate about Skid Marks in DUI Trial

download (80)During the trial of  Jared Schillinger, 30, of Cheswick who has been charged with homicide by vehicle while DUI, State police Cpl. Gregory Brandt testified that he used the skid marks that began almost 47 feet before impact to calculate the defendant’s rate of speed.  The February 16, 2013 crash took the life of Rikki Fleming, 18, of Etna.

However, another expert for the defense, Former Trooper David Fries, testified later in the day that Mr. Schillinger’s vehicle that the skid marks used by state police investigators to estimate the speed the defendant was traveling were not created by Schillinger’s vehicle and that the defendant was moving only about 56 mph.  Fries alleged that the skid marks used by investigators did not match those of Schillinger’s 2008 Volkswagen GTI, and were between 5 and 6 inches off.

Mr. Fries indicated that the impact from the crash should only have been considered moderate because of the amount of damage to both cars.… Read More

Breathlyzers Donated to Court for Checks in the Courtroom

download (53)The family of a Pennsylvania State Trooper who was killed by a drunk driver has donated two portable breathalyzers to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

Pennsylvania State Trooper Iwaniec was killed by a drunk driver on his way home from the Avondale Barracks in 2008.  The machines will be used by Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputies to screen those who are suspected of being drunk when showing up for their day in court.

According to Sheriff Russell Bono, the machines were needed because some defendants actually show up to their court hearings under the influence.

Iwaniec’s family began a foundation that began to distribute the portable breathalyzers to each state police barracks in the state.  The foundation met its initial goal of distributing 86 devices and has since given an additional 600 more to Sheriff’s Departments across Pennsylvania.

If you or a loved one is currently facing the charge of DUI or any other alcohol related offense, call the offices of Steven E.… Read More

Convicted Man Shares Sad Story in Sentencing

download (46)A man from South Jersey has been convicted and sentenced to 32 years in prison in connection with the death of one boy and the paralyzing of another. He said in court that his own father had been killed by a drunken driver.

During his sentencing, William Liepe, 62, of Hamilton Township, said that fateful day in 1969 was the day that he himself began drinking.

According to court documents, Liepe had a blood-alcohol level of .19 in a three-vehicle accident in 2011 that took the life of 9-year-old Ryan Schleyer and left 11-year-old M.J. Guzman paralyzed.

Liepe, now convicted of aggravated manslaughter and aggravated assault, has been sentenced by a judge to 32 years in prison. He must serve a minimum of 27 years before he can be considered for possible release.

Anyone who is facing the charge of DUI, particularly when there are serious injuries or even a fatality involved, needs a competent and experienced legal defense.… Read More