Alcohol Ban Lifted in Bellevue

downloadAn election in Bellevue has lifted a decades-long ban on alcohol sales in that town.

Those who were in favor of lifting the alcohol sales ban that had been in effect for 80 years were in a celebratory mood after a proposal to allow liquor sales in Bellevue finally passed. In the previous election regarding the ban four years ago, the measure failed by less than 100 votes.  This most recent election ended differently and saw the lift of the ban by more than 300 votes.

Now restaurants and live music venues will be able to serve alcohol and will make Bellevue become more of an entertainment destination in the future.

There are those in Bellevue who are displeased that the ban was lifted. Those who were opposed and involved in keeping bars out of the town have stated that they will keep a close eye on who actually is issued a liquor license in Bellevue.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying good fun and drinks with friends and family. Good times and fun should always be done, however in a safe manner.  Getting behind the wheel of a car while you are intoxicated should never be an option. Putting yourself and everyone else around you at risk is not a good choice to make.  Everyone makes bad choices in life. Sometimes those choices can lead to serious consequences as a result.

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