Bus Driver Accused of DUI with Students on Board

images (13)A school bus driver in western Pennsylvania has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol while 12 students were aboard her bus. According to official reports, Patti Komack, 53, of Hopewell Township, other school bus employees contacted Hopewell Area School District Superintendent Charles Reina contacted police after alcohol was smelled on Komack’s breath the morning of April 23.

Komack has been charged with child endangerment. Another bus was dispatched to pick up the students on Komack’s bus. The students on the bus include those who attend Hopewell Senior High School and two private schools. The District Superintendant said that Komack is no longer employed.

Tests taken by police indicate that Komack had a blood-alcohol rate that exceeded the 0.02 percent limit for school bus drivers. The limit for most other drivers is four times higher at 0.08 percent.

Anyone who is facing the charge of DUI can also be looking to a great deal of harm to their personal reputation and livelihood as well. If they are convicted of the charge, the situation becomes much worse.

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