Month: June 2015

Three Teens Slain in DUI Accident

9358292_600x338Drinking and driving is never a good idea, especially for someone who is under the legal drinking age. Unfortunately, young people often make poor choices.  This was definitely the case as in a recent incident involving a 16-year-old drunk driver in Lawrence Twp. N.J. that struck a parked semi as he got onto the highway. The accident took the lives of three of his friends.

The tragedy of this situation is clear. Underage drinking in the state of Pennsylvania is a serious crime. Since there are fatalities involved, that makes this a complicated case that will require a strong and committed defense for the young man.

A case of underage drinking has become far more serious. Not only is this young man potentially subject to criminal charges for the deaths of his friends, he has clearly opened himself and his parents to the reality of civil liabilities as well. There is no doubt that this young man’s life will never be the same after this tragic accident.… Read More