Month: October 2016


First Steps After Getting a DUI

Being arrested for driving under the influence is undoubtedly stressful. Your mind races with questions and concerns, and you aren’t exactly sure what to do next. There are steps to take after a DUI arrest that can better prepare you for what lies ahead. Read on to discover what you should do after your arrest.

2. Emotionally Prepare Yourself

What’s done is done. Now you have to take a deep breath and prepare yourself. Many people who are arrested for DUI experience feelings of embarrassment, desperation and shame. The thought of telling family members and even co-workers about your arrest can cause anxiety. These feelings are not unusual. In fact, they are experienced by almost everyone who is arrested. Now is the time to get ready for the emotions you will be dealing with.

2. Know That You Aren’t Alone

It may feel like you are the only person in the world dealing with your issues, but you aren’t.Read More


How Not to Get Arrested for Drunk Driving

Most things in life are avoidable. When you behave appropriately at work, chances are slim that you will get fired. When you study in school, chances are lower that you will fail. When you make arrangements to get home after a party, you avoid the risk of getting arrested for DUI.

One of the difficult things about going out and tying one on is that you have to get home. Many people think that they will go out, have a few adult beverages and then drive home. For thousands of people each year, this is a grave error in judgment. Yes, you may make it home safely. You may also cause a fatal accident and spend the rest of your life dealing with its aftermath.

Drinking and driving is a decision that people make, albeit not a wise one. To avoid being put in this position, make a better decision before you even leave your house.Read More


What Happens on My First Offense?

Being arrested for driving under the influence for the first time is stressful. Not only do you have to deal with an arrest, but you are experiencing something with which you have no prior knowledge. What will happen? Will you go to jail? Pay fines? Your mind is naturally overwhelmed with questions. To help you determine your next steps, here is what you can reasonably expect after being charged with DUI in Pennsylvania for the first time.

Administrative Penalties

In Pennsylvania, those charged with a first-offense DUI do not face a mandatory license suspension if their blood alcohol content falls at or below 0.099. For those who have a BAC range between 0.10 and 0.159, there is a mandatory license suspension of up to one year. A BAC range above 0.16 carries a mandatory suspension of one year with the possibility of any hardship license not being granted during the first two months of the suspension.Read More


A Look at the DUI Trial Process in Pennsylvania

When you are charged with a DUI in Philadelphia and decide to
take your case to trial, there are several things that you can reasonably expect to occur. While no two trials are exactly alike, they do tend to follow the same pattern of events. If you have decided to take your case to a judge or jury, here is what may happen.

1. Expert Witnesses

Your attorney or the prosecutor may call expert witnesses. The prosecution will typically call a law enforcement officer to the stand. These men and women are trained on enforcing DUI laws and will introduce testimony meant to have you convicted. Your attorney may call expert witnesses to point out the flaws in the prosecution’s case.

It’s important to understand that expert witnesses do not come free, and you will pay for their assistance. It is safe to figure that you will pay at least $1,000 for each expert who testifies on your behalf.Read More