Month: January 2015

Hope Solo Suspended for Actions during Husband’s DUI Arrest

download (40)Sometimes a person’s DUI arrest can have unexpected consequences for the passengers as well. For instance, if you’re caught with DUI while you have your children in the vehicle you might get a visit from the Office of Children, Youth, and Families. But one incident has now given a soccer superstar a 30 day suspension.

Hope Solo has been suspended for what happened during her husband’s DUI arrest. She was with her husband in California when they were pulled over for not having their headlights on. Solo was neither arrested nor detained, but U.S. Soccer has still suspended her for 30 days. They did not specify a reason, but her coach made a statement:

“During our current national team camp, Hope made a poor decision that has resulted in a negative impact on U.S. Soccer and her teammates. We feel at this time it is best for her to step away from the team.”… Read More

Kentucky Legislator Invokes State Constitution to Fight DUI Arrest

download (39)DUI cases have some standard defenses. For instance, the validity of a breath test can be challenged in many different ways, or the procedures used during a field sobriety test. But one legislator in Kentucky has come up with a novel challenge based on his state’s laws.

The state senator, Brandon Smith, was accused of driving drunk on the legislature’s opening day, but his lawyer has brought up an 1891 law that could cause it to be dropped. There is a provision in the state constitution that says a legislator cannot be arrested while in session or while going to or from their legislative buildings. There are exceptions for legislators who commit treason, felonies, or if there is a “breach or surety of the peace.”

Smith initially told police he hadn’t been drinking, but then admitted it after failing field sobriety tests. It will be an interesting case to follow.… Read More

Alleged DUI Driver Rams Cruiser from Behind

download (1)It’s a bad day whenever you’re involved in an accident, but it’s an even worse one when you hit a police officer. The charges aren’t more serious in most cases, but it does add a level of embarrassment. One such incident happened recently in West Philadelphia. An alleged DUI driver struck the officer’s police cruiser from behind early in the morning. The accident happened at 52nd and Market St. The officer was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition.

The driver of the vehicle was arrested for DUI and other charges related to the accident.

No matter what the reason for the stop, the charges of DUI and related crimes are always serious. People arrested for DUI can face an array of penalties including:

* Fines

* Paying for DUI school

* Jail time

* Points on the driving record

* License suspension

* Probation

* Increased scrutiny at future traffic stops

Don’t let this happen to you.… Read More

DUI Arrest Leads to Steroids Trafficking Bust

download (38)When the police arrest someone for a crime, any crime, they will run their information through a criminal database to check for outstanding warrants or any other investigations. Sometimes a simple arrest for DUI can lead to much more serious charges after these leads are followed up. That’s what has happened to one man in Lower Heidelberg.

The man was arrested early in the morning for DUI. When police looked up his record, they discovered that he was under suspicion for trafficking steroids and had fake identifications. Since the man was under arrest they followed up the aliases and found that a storage unit in Pennsylvania was rented under one of them.

The police obtained a warrant and searched the facility, the man’s home and his vehicle. The found over 1000 doses of oral and injectable steroids along with over 1000 hypodermic needles. They also found shipping envelopes addressed to people across the US that contained the items.… Read More

Gunshot Investigation Leads to DUI Arrest

download (37)Unless you openly take a swig out of a bottle while driving, the police need other evidence before pulling you over to check for DUI. These can be things like driving erratically, stopping at green lights, or any other driving behavior that is dangerous or unusual. But sometimes the police are drawn by much more serious circumstances.

An off-duty police officer was arrested for DUI after police responded to a gunshot in a parking lot. The officer had accidentally discharged his weapon and wounded a friend. The friend was taken to the hospital for surgery. The wound was non-life-threatening.

During the investigation, police found evidence of alcohol and arrested the shooter for DUI. He has been suspended without pay from the Pine Beach Police Department. He has been on the force for roughly seven months.

Officers of the law must be held to a high standard if the public is to trust their judgment in apprehending criminals.… Read More

Dash Cam Video Shows Mayor’s DUI Arrest

download (36)The main priority of the officer that pulls someone over for DUI is to get them off the street before they injure property or other people. If the police feel that you are a public danger behind the wheel, they will do whatever they can legally to get you off the road. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your position is, as one South Jersey mayor found out.

Dash cam video from a recent arrest shows that the mayor of Paulsboro, NJ was arrested for DUI and reckless driving. The mayor was pulled over around 12:30 AM after a 911 call reported an erratic driver that drove through a red light. The police say that the mayor showed signs of intoxication, including slurred speech and difficulty finding his license and registration.

He was administered three field sobriety tests, which he failed. The mayor told the police officers to call the mayor of the town the officers had jurisdiction in, saying that they were “buddies”.… Read More

Judge Considers Stiffer Penalties in DUI Manslaughter Case

download (3)Today we have the story of another man who has pled guilty to killing someone as a result of DUI. The judge has asked for a pre-sentence report to consider what the appropriate sentence should be given the history of the defendant, rather than passing sentence immediately.

In April and May of 2013, the defendant was charged with drunken driver. In March of 2014, he was driving DUI again and crashed into another vehicle. The second vehicle rammed an apartment building, killing the driver. When the defendant’s BAC was tested, he had a BAC of 0.221.

He could face a maximum of 33.5 years in prison and $90,280 in fines. The lawyers initially recommended a 5-10 year incarceration and 5 years of probation, but the judge may go higher. “I consider the drunk driver — the repeat drunk driver — a terrorist” for putting everyone else at risk, the judge said.… Read More

Oklahoma Considers Banning Alcohol for DUI Convicts

download (2)Legislators have thought of many ways to punish DUI drivers to keep them from harming themselves and others. A frequent tactic is to deny them the right to drive by suspending their license. In Oklahoma, one legislator has proposed a bill that seems like a throwback to the days of Prohibition.

The law would allow courts to require people convicted of DUI to abstain from drinking alcohol for a court-ordered period of time. Those who sold or provided alcohol to people ordered to abstain would be charged with a felony and face a $1000 fine or 1 year in prison.

However, people are already fighting back against the bill due to its overly-broad nature. One defense attorney says that it could easily be challenged on religious grounds the way that it is written. There is also no provision for restaurants that cook with alcohol. Other complaints say that the law is practically unenforceable and archaic, comparing it to the old scarlet letter punishment from the famous novel.… Read More

DUI Homicide in Wissinoming

download (1)Not every DUI case can be defended completely, especially in cases where injuries or fatalities also happened at the crash. We urge all our readers to avoid drinking and driving, or you could end up like today’s case.

Back in February 2013, a man was driving a minivan on Frankfort Avenue near Comley Street in Wissinoming. His vehicle jumped the curb and killed a 58-year-old woman in front of her husband. The woman had just pushed him out of the way when she saw the van coming toward them.

The driver in this accident pled guilty to the charge of homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence and other charges. He has now been sentenced to 5 ½ to 12 years in the state prison and also to pay $15,000 in restitution.

There are cases where police make errors in charging people with DUI. That is where defense lawyers like Stephen Kellis can help.… Read More

Fatality Crash Combined with DUI is a Bad Combination

downloadIf you do get arrested for DUI, the best circumstance to be in is to have it not attached to any other crime. There’s only one charge to worry about. But when other charges are added on top, the case becomes much harder to defend. An injury or fatality to another person is one of the worst situations.

A Camden man experienced this a few days ago. He was charged with first degree death-by-auto after striking a man with his vehicle during the evening hours. The man died at the hospital. When police arrived to investigate, they found two open containers in his vehicle. Blood alcohol testing later showed the driver to have a .21 BAC, well above the legal limit. The driver is now out on bail.

Everyone in this country is innocent until proven guilty, but when heavy charges are laid on someone then innocence is hard to maintain.… Read More