Fatality Crash Combined with DUI is a Bad Combination

downloadIf you do get arrested for DUI, the best circumstance to be in is to have it not attached to any other crime. There’s only one charge to worry about. But when other charges are added on top, the case becomes much harder to defend. An injury or fatality to another person is one of the worst situations.

A Camden man experienced this a few days ago. He was charged with first degree death-by-auto after striking a man with his vehicle during the evening hours. The man died at the hospital. When police arrived to investigate, they found two open containers in his vehicle. Blood alcohol testing later showed the driver to have a .21 BAC, well above the legal limit. The driver is now out on bail.

Everyone in this country is innocent until proven guilty, but when heavy charges are laid on someone then innocence is hard to maintain. The charge of DUI itself is a heavy charge. Most people don’t realize the long-term repercussions of getting a DUI conviction. Hidden fees and fines beyond the sentence, DUI school, license suspension, and higher insurance premiums are just some of the things they might be hit with.

If you’ve been hit with a DUI charge, no matter what other charges may be attached, you need a lawyer that specializes in DUI cases. Steven Kellis is ready to defend you in your DUI case. Call today.