Month: April 2015

Indiana Man Arrested for DUI Homicide

download (46)A man in Indiana is currently facing the charge of vehicular homicide after a DUI crash that took the life of a woman and left her husband seriously injured.

According to Indiana State police officials, on March 27th, Scott Kenneth Esteb, 39, of Homer City, Indiana was pulling out of a parking lot located on Route 119 in a near head-on collision with the vehicle of John Naisbit Ralston, 79 and Madeline Louise Ralston, 75 as they were driving northbound.

Madeline Ralston died as a result of injuries sustained in the crash.

Esteb was charged with third degree vehicular homicide and driving under the influence of alcohol. He was released from jail after posting $50,000.

Esteb’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 4th.

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Alleged DUI Driver Tried to Flee from Police, Crashed into Home

download (21)A woman who was attempting to outrun deputies and crashed her vehicle is currently facing DUI and other related charges after she is released from the hospital.

According to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies, a chase began after they received a call about a traffic crash on the 605 freeway near Carson Street. One of the cars involved in the crash was spotted by an LASD helicopter as it fled the scene of the accident. Deputies pursued the fleeing vehicle for a short distance before Jacqueline Hernandez, 21, lost control of her black Toyota Corolla in front of a home in Long Beach. The car crashed across the lawn, and finally struck a wall of the home. The crash wedged her vehicle under a pickup truck that was parked in the driveway.

Hernandez’ car left tire marks on the homeowner’s front lawn, and damaged a window of the home.  Also, the crash pushed  the pickup truck into another car and damaging it as well.… Read More

Traffic Fatalities at a Record Low in 2014

striped-road-asphaltA recently released report from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation indicates that in 2014, traffic fatalities were at a record low across the state compared to previous years. According to spokesman for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Rich Kirkpatrick, that in 2014 there were 1,195 traffic fatalities in Pennsylvania last year.  This drop in fatalities is the sharpest drop since records began being kept in 1928.

The goal nationwide is to have zero fatalities on the road.   Because of this, both federal and state governments are investing a great deal of money in someday realizing that goal.

Kirkpatrick attributes this to programs such as public service safety messages and DUI enforcement.  The money being spent on these programs appears to be paying off since DUI fatalities and fatalities where seatbelts were not in use are down significantly.

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Philadelphia Officer Accused of DUI

download (55)A police officer with the Philadelphia police force had been accused of DUI and other related offenses while on the job last month.

According to official reports, Officer Darryl Cathey, 26, had been a six-year veteran on the Philadelphia police force for the second time since 2011.

The latest charge was from an incident on March 28th at approximately 12:05 a.m. when Cathey was parked in an illegal spot outside the 12th District police headquarters. At the time of the incident, Cathey’s police SUV had three flat tires while Cathey himself had bloodshot eyes and according to witnesses had the strong scent of alcohol on him.

Cathey was arrested and resisted arrest. A blood alcohol test at the time of his arrest indicated a blood alcohol level of 0.158.

No matter who you are, a drunken driving charge is a serious offense. If convicted, it can mean the loss of your license, higher insurance rates, and as in the case of Officer Cathey, it can mean the loss of your job as well.… Read More

Woman Faces Fifth DUI

york-countyA woman from Wilmington, Delaware is now facing her fifth charge of drunken driving. Law enforcement officials say this latest charge comes after a Pennsylvania State Trooper witnessed Ann Baker, 54, go through a red light at the intersection of Harmony and Green Ridge Roads at approximately 1:00 p.m. Friday afternoon.

The State trooper pulled Baker’s vehicle over.  The trooper indicated that upon approaching the vehicle, he immediately detected the scent of alcohol. Baker was administered a field sobriety test which she failed.   She was arrested and an investigation of her driving record indicated that she had four previous dating back from 1987 to the present.

Baker has been charged with a 5th DUI offense, failure to obey a traffic signal and other related charges.  as well as driving with a suspended or revoked license, failure to have  While Suspended or Revoked, Failure to Have Insurance in Possession, Expired Tags, and Failure to Stop at a Red Light.… Read More

Retired District Judge Pleads Guilty to Fixing DUI Case

download (28)A retired district judge has come under scrutiny for his part in fixing a drunken driving case for the nephew of an assistant prosecutor who is now sitting on the bench in a southwestern Pennsylvania county.  He has pleaded guilty to the charge.

According to court documents, Dwight Shaner, 71, of Dunbar Township, pleaded guilty before a Dauphin County Judge last week.  He will spend 18 months on probation.

Shaner and his defense attorney declined comment after the plea was entered.

Shaner could still possibly forfeit his $3,600 monthly pension according to Senior Deputy Attorney General L. Todd Goodwin, even though the charge is considered a misdemeanor by law.

Shaner had been the district judge in Dunbar Township in Fayette County, when he dismissed the charges of DUI and leaving the scene of an accident filed against the nephew of Linda Cordaro, Robert Rudnik, 31, of Connellsville, in 2011.  Cordaro was an assistant district attorney at the time.… Read More

Police Officer Accused of Driving Drunk

download (10)A Philadelphia Police officer is facing the charge of DUI and other related charges after damaging a police vehicle. The officer is identified as Darryl Cathey, 26, who is a six-year-veteran of the Philadelphia Police force.

According to police reports, a 12th district officer approached Cathey’s marked police vehicle on the 6500 block of Woodland Avenue at around 12:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. The officer noticed Cathey’s vehicle had three flat tires and bent rims. Though Cathey indicated to fellow officers that he had been operating the vehicle while it had tire damage, Officer Cathey was taken into custody, after smelling alcohol on Officer Cathey’s breath. Cathey struggled against a supervisor and other officers and resisted arrest.

Both internal affairs and the police department’s accident investigation are investigating the case. Police said Saturday that Officer Cathey would be charged with DUI, aggravated assault, simple assault, and recklessly endangering another person. The officer has been suspended for 30 days by the police commissioner with intent to dismiss.… Read More

Taxi Driver Allegedly Drunk Leads Police on Chase

download (9)A taxi driver allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol led police on a chase, crashing his cab through a fence after a police officer found him asleep at the wheel in his vehicle in South Philadelphia.

According to police, the cab driver fled around 1:30 a.m. Monday after the officer, thinking that the driver had possibly suffered a medical emergency, broke one of the taxi’s windows. The driver took off.  Authorities say the driver went the wrong way on a street near Penn’s Landing, crossing the Platt Bridge twice and then later crashed through a fence and into a guardrail near the Delaware River.

Police say that the taxi driver attempted to flee the scene on foot, but was apprehended.  He was transported to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital where he was treated for a minor head injury.

Anyone who is facing the charge of DUI can also be looking to a great deal of harm to their personal reputation and livelihood as well.… Read More