Month: July 2014

Pedestrian Injured in Hit & Run

jseattleOne of the worst things you can do if involved in an accident after drinking is run from the scene.  It screams guilt and often results in a much worse outcome than if you had stayed and faced the consequences.

Recently, in Camden New Jersey, a driver fled the scene after hitting a pedestrian.  The accident happened at North 27th and High Streets about 9:30 pm.  The victim was taken to Cooper Hospital for evaluation of injuries but there was no status of his condition available.  Police are still looking for the vehicle involved in the accident.

Accidents involving hit and run drivers can be the most stressful.  The victim feels helpless, anxiety, anger and frustration.  If you do get hit by a driver that flees, there are certain steps you should take.

Once you are sure everyone is okay call the police.  If you or someone else needs medical attention, dial 911 immediately before doing anything else. … Read More

Bill Requiring Police Cruisers to be Equipped with Cameras is One Signature Away from Becoming Law in New Jersey

fujimattSometimes, cameras in police cars can be a good thing.  They provide solid evidence as to what really took place instead of relying on memory and personal testimony as to what happened.

Assemblyman Paul Moriarty is making it a personal crusade to make sure cameras are in all cruisers.  The video from a dash cam was the difference in conviction and a dropped charge in his DUI arrest a couple of years ago.  Right now, the legislation is only one signature away from becoming law in New Jersey.

In July of 2012, Moriarty refused a blood alcohol test when pulled over because he had not been drinking.  He didn’t submit to the test because he was afraid that if an officer pulled him over without cause, the officer may manipulate the results of the BAC.

Moriarty, a former Washington Township mayor, obtained the dash cam footage from the squad car as evidence in his defense. … Read More

Bus Driver Accused of Drunk Driving While Children On Board

Many of us who have school aged children rely on the school bus to transport our kids to and from school.  We come to rely on and trust these drivers with our most precious cargo.  When a story breaks in the news that alleges one the very drivers we trust has been accused of transporting children while intoxicated it can shake a parent to the core.

In Pittsburgh on June 6, 68-year-old school bus driver, Martin Hehman, was accused of just that.  He had picked up 15 students and transported them to St. Ursula Catholic School in Allison Park.  Once he dropped off the kids, he was observed by other drivers as driving erratically northbound on Route 8.  A Hampton Township Police officer pulled Hehman over and reported the driver was slurring his words, unable to balance himself, and reeking of alcohol.  Hehman failed the field sobriety test and was arrested on suspension of driving under the influence.… Read More

The Use of Police Dashboard Cameras May Become Standard in New Jersey

The Magnificent Clean Keeper via Wikimedia Creative Commons LicenseThe law is changing all the time, generally becoming more complex with the passage of each new measure. It takes a trained legal mind to sort everything out when fighting for the rights of a client, especially when the police may not necessarily be correct in their accusation.

A New Jersey assemblyman came up with the idea of putting video cameras in new police cars when he was arrested for drunken driving in 2012. A video camera installed in the police cruiser helped prove he was not, in fact, driving under the influence and his name was cleared.

Both chambers of the New Jersey Legislature have adopted the bill for cameras in police cars in overwhelming numbers, leaving it up to Governor Chris Christie to make it law. If he does not veto it by mid-August, it becomes law automatically.

The same measure was adopted earlier in the year, but because the governor did not sign it, it died at the end of the session legislative session.… Read More

Police Seeking Hit-and-Run Driver in Camden

BrilsenVirtually everyone will be involved in a car accident at some point. Most of them are relatively minor, but sometimes there are massive damages to other cars, or to buildings. People can be injured or worse. On occasion, someone who causes an accident panics, leaving the scene of an accident, which can only make the problem worse. Yet even someone involved in a hit-and-run incident is entitled to a fair trial once he or she is caught or comes in willingly.

Police are looking for the driver of a vehicle which hit a pedestrian in Camden, New Jersey, then fled.

It happened around 9:30 in the evening. The victim was transported to Cooper Hospital, but his condition was not released, and remains unknown at this time.

Police are still investigating and working on a description of the vehicle that hit the pedestrian.

No matter what the circumstances of an accident or its aftermath, if you are accused of a crime, you get a chance to tell your side of the story.… Read More

City Councilman Arrested for DUI and Making Death Threats

Airman Gustavo Castillo via Wikimedia Creative Commons LicenseAnyone who drives a car can be accused of drunk driving. It is the first assumption made when someone is driving erratically, when in fact, such driving could be for any number of reasons, including unforeseen medical issues. But even when the charges of driving after drinking are true, that doesn’t mean the accused loses all rights and inevitably goes to jail for a long time.

A councilman in Marianna was arraigned after being accused of a number of infractions, including firing a rifle near his neighbor’s property, threatening to kill that neighbor, and driving drunk.

Media sources say the 34-year-old councilman was sitting on a picnic table behind his home with a rifle, pointing at his neighbor. According to state police, the councilman shouted he was going to kill his neighbor for saying he harms his children.

Police told media sources the councilman fired six shots, which he claimed were “warning shots” to scare the other man.… Read More

Schoolbus Driver Charged with DUI

KB35Everyone accused of a crime deserves a fair hearing. It’s not just a saying — it’s a fact and it’s the law. No matter how the public might perceive a given activity, or what stigma is placed upon it, it is still innocent until proven guilty. A good attorney with the discretion and skill to handle whatever the prosecution can deliver is vital to making sure the rights of the defendant are protected.

A school bus driver has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol when there were more than a dozen children on the bus. They were on their way to a parochial school.

The 68-year-old driver picked up 15 students to take them to a Catholic school in Allison Park. Not much later, the bus was spotted driving erratically on Route 8, and a Hampton Township police officer intercepted the bus.

A statement from the officer stated the driver was impaired, with slurred speech, a smell of alcohol, and trouble remaining balanced.… Read More

Officials: July 4th Boasts No Philadelphia Area Traffic Fatalities Over the Holiday

Dickelburs via Wikimedia Commons LicenseThe police work hard to keep everyone safe, but even they can make mistakes. Out of the many DUI arrests they make in a given weekend or month or year, there are always some that are taken in on charges that can be proven false. To do that, however, requires a good lawyer who knows the entire process, from pre-arrest to trial.

Pennsylvania State Police say there were no traffic-related deaths at all during the 2014 Fourth of July weekend in the Pennsylvania area. Troop K, which covers not only Philadelphia County, but Delaware and Montgomery Counties, as well, says that between Thursday, July 3rd, and Sunday, July 6th, there were 78 crashes state troopers looked into, which involved 14 injuries, but none of them were fatalities. According to officials, 932 citations were issued during that same period, but only 35 of them involved DUI. There were also 315 speeding violations, authorities say, and 24 seat belt or child-seat violations.… Read More

3-Year-Old Boy Struck by DUI Driver

Richard ElzeyThere is a lot of worry at St Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia tonight as there are still concerns for a young boy still in critical condition after being hit by a driver Thursday night who was later arrested for driving while being impaired. The 3-year old child was hit near the 2800 block of North 4th Street by the 53-year old unnamed driver, who did stop after hitting the child.

Mistakes can happen in a split second in time, errors do occur; not everyone is the forgiving sort and the law certainly isn’t. If you find yourself in a DUI related situation it is in your best interests to contact a lawyer immediately, Like Steven Kellis. The Law Offices of Steven Kellis are experts in DUI Law.

Steven Kellis brings twenty-plus years of jury trial expertise to bear on your behalf. With his extensive background in Pennsylvania law and the inner workings of the District Attorney’s Office, he knows how to find the mistakes and errors made by law enforcement, and he will fight hard for your rights and your freedom.… Read More

Overturned Paratransit Bus Leaves Six Injured

RFC1394 via Wikimedia Creative Commons LicenseConcerned citizens rushed to the aid of an overturned paratransit bus after it was hit by unknown person driving a Cadillac on Sunday afternoon in Northern Philadelphia. The driver, who was later arrested for driving under the influence, drove away from the scene of the accident he had caused, leaving several injured transit passengers in his wake.

According to witnesses to the accident, the driver of the Cadillac ran a red light before smashing into the transit bus. The resulting crash caused the bus to tip on its side, injuring several passengers, including one passenger who had serious injuries. Six of the victims were transported by EMS crews to Temple University Hospital, where they were treated for their injuries.

No one plans on having an accident, or suffering injuries when they step out of their house to go to work, but accidents still happen every day, even when all precautions are taken.… Read More