Pedestrian Injured in Hit & Run

jseattleOne of the worst things you can do if involved in an accident after drinking is run from the scene.  It screams guilt and often results in a much worse outcome than if you had stayed and faced the consequences.

Recently, in Camden New Jersey, a driver fled the scene after hitting a pedestrian.  The accident happened at North 27th and High Streets about 9:30 pm.  The victim was taken to Cooper Hospital for evaluation of injuries but there was no status of his condition available.  Police are still looking for the vehicle involved in the accident.

Accidents involving hit and run drivers can be the most stressful.  The victim feels helpless, anxiety, anger and frustration.  If you do get hit by a driver that flees, there are certain steps you should take.

Once you are sure everyone is okay call the police.  If you or someone else needs medical attention, dial 911 immediately before doing anything else.  Once help is on the way, try and remember the color and type of vehicle that hit you.  Write those items down along with a license plate number if you are able to get one.  You will need as much descriptive information as possible when filing a police report.

Even though you or someone else may want to, don’t chase the driver that fled.  It is too dangerous.  There is no way to know why the other driver was fleeing the scene.  If they are in a defensive mode, it could become a volatile and dangerous situation that puts everyone in danger.

If you are the driver that ran, it is likely that police will find you.  It is better to turn yourself in before they do.  If you were drinking prior to the accident and panic set in after the accident, call a DUI attorney for advice on how to handle the situation before turning yourself in to police.

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