Month: March 2018

woman refusing breathalyzer test

Refusal of a Chemical Test in Pennsylvania

When you put your signature on your Pennsylvania driver’s license, you are giving implied consent. This means you are stating you will submit to a chemical test should you ever be pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence. If you refuse to take a breath test or will not submit a blood or urine sample for analysis, you are subject to other charges and potential penalties, if convicted.

Operation Versus Physical Control

Within the state, operation and physical control of a vehicle are different, but not necessarily in the eyes of the law. The way the DUI statute is written, you only need to be able to make the vehicle move in order to be charged with the offense.

For example: You realize you have had too much to drink and don’t believe that it is safe to continue driving. You do the right thing and pull into a shopping center’s parking lot to wait until you believe you are sober enough to drive.Read More