Video FAQ

DUI Penalties

  1. What could happen if I hire an attorney who does not specialize in DUI defense?
  2. What are the consequences for someone arrested for their first DUI in Pennsylvania?
  3. What are the consequences for someone who is a repeat DUI offender?
  4. What are the consequences of refusing a BAC test?
  5. What are the consequences if I have a conviction for a DUI in Pennsylvania?
  6. I failed my sobriety test. Does that mean I’m guilty?
  7. What is the ARD program?
  8. If I refuse the BAC test, can I still enroll in the ARD program?
  9. Can I fight a field sobriety test?
  10. What would happen to my Pennsylvania Driver’s License if I get a DUI in another state?

General Strategy

  1. If I’m arrested for a DUI what do I need to know?
  2. How soon should I call a lawyer if I have been arrested for DUI?
  3. How much does a consultation about my case cost with your firm?
  4. If I don’t want to go to trial and just want my case to be resolved what do you recommend?
  5. Why should I not just plead guilty and get on with my life?
  6. What are some of the factors I should consider when evaluating a DUI attorney?

DUI Laws

  1. What is the criminal process for a DUI offense in Pennsylvania?
  2. What are the procedures for expunging a DUI conviction from records in Pennsylvania?
  3. Is a DUI a felony or misdemeanor in Pennsylvania?
  4. Will I lose my Driver’s License if I’ve been arrested for a DUI in Pennsylvania?
  5. Is Pennsylvania tough on drunk drivers?
  6. How does the legal limit in Pennsylvania compare to the rest of the country?

Traffic Stop Analysis

  1. What if a Police Officer claims I refused the BAC test when I did not?
  2. Can I get a license to go to and from work or school while my license is suspended?
  3. I tested above a .08 but I do not believe this is correct, what can I do?
  4. Can you provide defense for a non alcohol-related DUI case?
  5. Can I challenge the validity of a breathalyzer test?
  6. Can I beat a charge for a DUI if I refuse a blood test and a breath test?

About Steven E. Kellis

  1. What motivates Steven E. Kellis to help people in their DUI case?
  2. What makes Steven E. Kellis stand out as a DUI attorney?
  3. Has Steven E. Kellis ever successfully fought a field sobriety test?
  4. Have you ever had a DUI case dismissed at a preliminary hearing?
  5. What knowledge do you have regarding the machines used in DUI cases?
  6. How do you keep up with the latest science and technology regarding DUI Law?
  7. Why is continuing your education important to you?
  8. Have you received advanced training in the area of field sobriety testing?
  9. How much of your practice is devoted to DUI defense?
  10. How will your experience as a Senior Assistant District Attorney affect my case?