Pennsylvania ARD program

pennsylvania ard program

The Pennsylvania ARD Program is a program for first time offenders. It basically stands for accelerated rehabilitation disposition program. That is a program, like I said, for first time offenders and if you complete the program successfully then your case will be dismissed and you can have your PA DUI defense lawyer then expunge the DUI arrest from your criminal history by filing a petition and an order. Even if this is an ARD case, it’s very important to have a competent Pennsylvania DUI lawyer handling it because he must take you through the system and he must also do the DUI expungement for you, which is not part of the Pennsylvania ARD Program.

To be qualified for the ARD Program, there are certain criteria that the defendant must pass. Number one, the defendant cannot have any prior convictions in his past. Number two, there cannot have been a minor in the car, usually someone 14 years or age or under, then you’ll be disqualified from entering the ARD Program. Number three, the person must have a valid license and valid insurance. The fourth criteria is that there cannot be an accident with serious injuries involved. If the defendant does pass those four criteria, then he would be eligible for the ARD Program. He would be placed into the Pennsylvania ARD Program for a period of either six months to one year.

During that period of time he must complete a CRN, that’s a court reporting network that’s an alcohol evaluation interview. The person must also do safe driving classes depending on usually what his BAC level is and how he completed his CRN alcohol evaluation interview. Also he must complete what’s called community service. Every county is different on the amount of hours of community service that must be done. If he does complete the ARD Program successfully, his record will be expunged, meaning that the DUI arrest will come off his criminal history, his NCIC, after the case is dismissed. But the expungement does not happen automatically. It must be done either through a petition or an order, and that usually needs to be done through a competent DUI lawyer.