Philadelphia DUI Attorney FAQs

  1. Is A DUI A Felony in PA?
  2. Is Driving Under the Influence Always Alcohol-Related?
  3. Is It Possible to Defend a DUI Charge Without an Attorney?
  4. What Is the Difference between DUI and DWI?
  5. What Is an Aggravated DUI?
  6. What Can Police Do during a PA DUI Stop?
  7. What Types of Defense Options Do I Have for My DUI Case?
  8. After my First DUI, Can I Take Classes to Avoid Jail?
  9. What Happens if I’m Stopped for DUI?
  10. What is the officer looking for during the initial detention at the scene?
  11. Do I Have to Take a Breath or Blood Test?
  12. What Field Sobriety Tests Are Performed?
  13. What Are the Penalties for DUI?
  14. Can I fight my loss of license?
  15. Is DUI a Felony?
  16. What are Potential Defenses for a DUI Charge?
  17. What Is the Price for a DUI Attorney?
  18. How Do You Get a DUI Expunged in Pennsylvania?
  19. What Signs of Intoxication Do Police Look for When Justifying a Traffic Stop?
  20. How Many Beers Can I Drink Without Risking a DUI?
  21. Do I Have a Right to an Attorney While Taking a Field Sobriety Test?
  22. When a Police Officer Asks Me to Follow an Object With My Eyes, What Are They Looking For?
  23. Can I Choose Which Chemical Test I Take?
  24. I Am Looking for an Experienced DUI Attorney. How Do I Find One?
  25. What Is a Sentence Enhancement?
  26. What Is a “Rising BAC” Defense?
  27. What exactly is a bread n’ butter license?
  28. What is a Pennsylvania drug per se law?
  29. What is a Pennsylvania Ignition Interlock Limited License?