Philadelphia DUI Attorney FAQs

  1. Is a DUI a felony in PA?
  2. Is Driving Under the Influence Always Alcohol-Related?
  3. Is It Possible to Defend a DUI Charge Without an Attorney?
  4. DWI vs. DUI
  5. What is an aggravated DUI?
  6. What Can Police Do during a PA DUI Stop?
  7. What Types of Defense Options Do I Have for My DUI Case?
  8. After my First DUI, Can I Take Classes to Avoid Jail?
  9. What Happens if I’m Stopped for DUI?
  10. What is the officer looking for during the initial detention at the scene?
  11. What Field Sobriety Tests Are Performed?
  12. What Are the Penalties for DUI?
  13. Can I fight my loss of license?
  14. What are Potential Defenses for a DUI Charge?
  15. Signs of Drunk Driving That Police Look for in Traffic Stops
  16. How Many Beers Can I Drink Without Risking a DUI?
  17. Do I Have a Right to an Attorney While Taking a Field Sobriety Test?
  18. When a Police Officer Asks Me to Follow an Object With My Eyes, What Are They Looking For?
  19. Can I Choose Which Chemical Test I Take?
  20. I Am Looking for an Experienced DUI Attorney. How Do I Find One?
  21. What Is a Sentence Enhancement?
  22. What Is a “Rising BAC” Defense?
  23. What Exactly Is a Bread n’ Butter License?
  24. What is a Pennsylvania drug per se law?
  25. What is a Pennsylvania Ignition Interlock Limited License?
  26. What do you do if you’ve been drinking and have been pulled over?
  27. What do cops look for when pulling someone over for drunk driving?
  28. What warrants probable cause in PA?
  29. What warrants reasonable suspicion for DUI in Pennsylvania?
  30. What is a wet reckless charge?
  31. Can you get house arrest for a DUI in Pennsylvania?