What is a Pennsylvania Ignition Interlock Limited License?

Individuals whose driver’s license has been suspended or revoked due to one or more offenses of driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance, or after refusing to submit to chemical testing, may be eligible for a Pennsylvania Ignition Interlock License (IILL). 

An IILL allows an individual to drive if an Ignition Interlock device is installed in their vehicle; this license is mandatory for both first-time and repeats DUI offenders. In Pennsylvania, Ignition Interlock Limited Licenses are identifiable by the words “Ignition Interlock” which are shown in a yellow Pennsylvania-shaped box.

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How does an Ignition Interlock device work?

It is essentially a breathalyzer placed in an individual’s vehicle. Ignition interlocks are devices that prevent a vehicle from starting until the driver has blown into a tube that determines if their blood alcohol content (BAC) is below the legal limit. These are effective devices in preventing repeat DUI offenses; the CDC reports that ignition interlocks reduce offenses by about 70%.

How much does a Pennsylvania Ignition Interlock device cost?

Because Ignition Interlock devices are leased yearly from the vendor, prices depend on the vendor. However, the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles reports that the average cost of leasing an Ignition Interlock device is about $1,000 a year. An individual charged with a DUI offense must pay all Ignition Interlock expenses.

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How do I obtain an Ignition Interlock License?

Thirty days before an individual’s license restoration eligibility date, they will receive a letter from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. This is a requirements letter that includes an application for an Ignition Interlock License as well as information on Ignition Interlock vendors. 

Once an individual meets all the requirements, including confirmation that the Interlock device has been installed, PennDOT will issue the individual an Ignition Interlock License.

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