DUI Accidents

kellis-dui-accident DUI is a serious charge in Pennsylvania. DUI charges are even more serious when they also involve an accident. Sentencing enhancements that address DUI with accidents make penalties even harsher. When you have been charged with a DUI in an accident it will result in increased fines, potential increased jail time, and longer driver’s license suspension periods. It is essential that you choose an experienced Pennsylvania DUI attorney to defend DUI accidents.

Cases that Involve DUI Accidents

DUI accidents are considered very severe and as a result, the penalties for a conviction are also severe. Some of the factors that make DUI accidents in Philadelphia more severe include:

  • The accident caused bodily injury or death (vehicular homicide)
  • Property was damaged as a result of the accident
  • Vehicle damages occurred as a result of the accident

In cases where death occurred, the charges will be considered felony DUI, which carry much stronger penalties upon conviction.

Additional Charges for DUI Accidents
In many DUI accident cases the driver may face many other charges in addition to DUI. Some of these charges may include:

  • Felony DUI injury
  • Aggravated assault while under the influence
  • Homicide while under the influence

An experienced DUI attorney will work to reduce or eliminate the charges against you. Both felony and misdemeanor DUI charges have harsh penalties and can result in long-term negative effects. A knowledgeable attorney will review all the facts surrounding your case to appropriately defend you. A strong defense is necessary when facing these types of charges.

Sentencing Enhancements for DUI Accidents

Because of the additional charges, DUI accidents take on increased penalties. Pennsylvania takes DUI accidents extremely seriously. Many accidents occur each year and many of them may involve an impaired driver. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, DUI accidents are called “alcohol-impaired-driving.” Pennsylvania has approved enhanced sentencing for those convicted of DUI accidents. DUI convictions carry penalties that may include jail time, fines, suspension of driver’s license, alcohol safety program participation, alcohol treatment, ignition interlock system, and community service.

Choosing a DUI Accident Attorney

It is important to involve an attorney as quickly as possible after an accident occurs. A DUI accident attorney in Philadelphia will immediately work to protect your rights and will represent you at your first hearing. This is where the charges against you will be announced as well as the bail will be set. An experienced DUI attorney will try to reduce or eliminate some of the charges against you at this time. He will also try to get your bail lowered. After this point, your attorney will review your case, investigate the accident, and take all the steps necessary to vigorously defend your case.

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