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After being arrested for DUI, you’ll likely feel stressed, anxious, angry, or afraid. Part of what fuels those emotions is not knowing what will happen next. Not understanding your options can lead to you making poor decisions or ones that may not be in your best interests.

As soon as you’re arrested, consult with a DUI attorney in Doylestown, PA so you can get an idea of what’s coming your way and determine your legal options. Attorney Steven Kellis has over 25 years of experience handling DUI cases, and he’s dedicated his practice to representing people given excessive or unlawful DUI charges. 

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Implied Consent Laws In Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania, like many others in the country, has what is known as implied consent. This means that any person who has a legal driver’s license has agreed that they will submit to any chemical test requested by a law enforcement officer when that officer suspects the person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol while operating a motor vehicle. 

In typical cases, the officer will request that the driver submit to a breathalyzer test. In other instances, the officer may request that the driver undergo a chemical analysis of their blood or urine.

Though you have provided implied consent, you maintain the right to refuse such a test. If you do, however, you should be aware of the consequences. If you refuse, your license can be automatically suspended for 12 months. If you are found guilty of the driving under the influence charge, you could face an additional license suspension.

Penalties for a Pennsylvania DUI Conviction

Any person who is convicted of DUI or pleads guilty to DUI charges in PA faces consequences they may not want to be forced to deal with. The following penalties apply to those found guilty of DUI:

  • First offense: Up to six months of probation and fines of no more than $300.
  • Second offense: Up to six months in jail and fines in the thousands, along with a license suspension.
  • Subsequent offenses: Up to two years in jail, a license suspension, and high fines. The greater the number of offenses, the more severe the consequences.

Property Damage or Injury

If you are convicted of driving under the influence and causing property damage or injury, and if your blood alcohol concentration was greater than 0.09, you face harsher penalties. 

For subsequent convictions, you will have to install an interlock ignition device on your vehicle, attend a treatment program and safety class, and perhaps complete community service.

DUI Defense Strategies in Doylestown

Illegal Stop 

Pennsylvania law mandates that a police officer can only arrest you for DUI if they have reasonable suspicion that you were drunk while operating a vehicle. You cannot be arrested just because the officer had a “hunch” or “feeling” that you might have been drunk driving. 

The police must have evidence to support the stop, such as if they see you leave a bar, get in your car, and swerve on the road as you drive away.

Not Being Impaired

Unfortunately, many Pennsylvanians are illegally stopped and arrested when they are not actually drunk and, in many cases, completely sober. 

In these situations, a DUI attorney in Doylestown, PA will request that any evidence found during the stop or arrest be thrown out. This usually leads to the charges being dropped.

Improperly-Administered Test 

All devices used to administer a blood or breath alcohol test must be calibrated and functioning properly. Improperly calibrated or defective devices can produce skewed or grossly inaccurate results, which could lead to your being arrested for a test result that was completely wrong. 

Inaccurate Police Report 

Police reports are notoriously skewed to meet the police officer’s assumptions or misperceptions of what occurred. Sometimes, an officer will exaggerate or falsify events so that their story makes sense. 

If your DUI attorney in Doylestown, PA can prove that the defense falsified documents, the case will likely be thrown out.

You must have the most competent and experienced attorney you can find. Our Doylestown Pennsylvania DUI lawyer has made defending people facing charges just like yours his life’s work. 

The Pennsylvania DUI Process

Once you hire a Pennsylvania DUI attorney, they begin to work hard on your defense. They’ll look at the evidence the prosecutor is planning on using against you and will file motions to dismiss or suppress evidence if applicable.

Should your case end up in court, a Doylestown, PA DUI lawyer will fight for your rights with all of the knowledge and experience you need. Attorney Steven E. Kellis will work tirelessly to help ensure you receive the most favorable outcome possible.

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