About Implied Consent Laws

second-timeToday, we’re going to talk a little bit more about implied consent laws.  There are a lot of people out there who think that if they’re pulled over and don’t take the breathalyzer test that they can’t be arrested and convicted.  This is not the case, because of the implied consent law.

You see, implied consent says that if you’re suspected of driving while under the influence and you refuse to take any of the sobriety tests that you can still be convicted of DUI.  By pulling over for the authorities, you have given consent to test your blood and breath for alcohol.  If you refuse to undergo the tests, you face three days of jail time and suspension of your license.

The police have the ability to use other means at their disposal to make sure that you are convicted of a DUI, whether it be slurred speech, erratic driving, or something else.  Not taking the test often results in quite a lot more trouble than taking the test, as the justice system believes that you’ve got something to hide.

There is hope for the drivers who have been arrested for DUI and given a breathalyzer.  You see, there are plenty of breathalyzers on the market, some of which give false readings.  The machines themselves need to be properly adjusted to get real readings instead of false ones.  There are other ways that an experienced DUI defense lawyer like Stephen Kellis can defend you. Contact an experienced Pennsylvania DUI lawyer today.