Month: April 2016

Types of DUI Pleas in Pennsylvania

Getting arrested and charged with driving under the influence in Pennsylvania can be a nerve-wracking time in your life. Anyone worried about what their next steps might be would likely benefit from consulting with an experienced Pennsylvania DUI lawyer on the options they have available for their case.

The reason most people should seek out a DUI attorney is that each individual case will have a completely different set of facts, circumstances, available evidence and options that present themselves. Differing personalities in terms of which judge is presiding or which prosecutor is handling the case can also affect the options available given past experiences with these individuals.

All that said, there are only a few general plea options when facing DUI charges.

  • Guilty

Although there are always notable exceptions, a no-strings-attached guilty plea is typically not a good route to take for someone facing a DUI charge. There are often facts of the case to consider that can strengthen your chances at avoiding the full extent of the charges.Read More

How Much Does a First Time DUI Cost in Pennsylvania?

Driving under the influence in Pennsylvania can have a high cost in terms of potential harm to human lives, but it also carries with a quite literal penalties and costs if you are arrested. People worried about getting a DUI or who have just gotten their first one may wonder exactly what the damage is in terms of dollars and cents.

On paper, laying out such numbers would seem easy, but in real life the costs are much more wide-ranging. Some even estimate that the first time costs to be in excess of five figures when factoring in costs like court fees and increased insurance premiums.

These prohibitive costs illustrate why not driving under the influence is so important and also why hiring a Pennsylvania DUI lawyer could pay off if you can get your charges reduced or dropped.

Fines and fees for a first-time DUI offense in Pennsylvania

Looking just at the laws on the books, Pennsylvania has a $300 minimum fine for first-time DUI offenders.Read More