Month: May 2013

Pennsylvania BAC Limits Unlikely to Change Despite NTSB Recommendation


PA DUI Attorney Expects Resistance from States

pennsylvania state capitolAccording to a recent article, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), in an effort to reach its goal of completely eliminating alcohol-related motor vehicle fatalities in the United States, called for all 50 states to reduce their legal blood alcohol content (BAC) for drivers to 0.05%. Currently, every state nationwide has a legal BAC limit for drivers of 0.08%.

Despite this recommendation and other initiatives to lower the incidence of alcohol-related traffic fatalities, however, history shows that change in Pennsylvania laws with respect to BAC legal limits is unlikely to change anytime soon, and may not change for years. The NTSB last recommended a reduction in BAC legal limits in 1982, when it called for a decrease from 0.10% to 0.08%. Utah and Oregon reduced their BAC limits accordingly in 1983, but it would take more than 20 years before all 50 states passed laws reducing their legal limits to meet the NTSB recommendation of 0.08%.… Read More

Bucks County Ambulance Driver Fired for On-Duty DUI

DUI Attorney in Bucks County PA Wary of Career Implications

According to a recent article in The Advance, leaders of the Newtown Ambulance Squad met with Newtown Township supervisors about a highly publicized incident in April involving a minor accident by a reportedly intoxicated ambulance driver that occurred while he was transporting a patient. Squad leaders met with township leaders in order to reassure them that they would take additional steps to ensure that drivers were not under the influence of alcohol or drugs before ever getting behind the wheel of an ambulance.

In the incident at issue, the driver and another employee were called into work in order to transport a non-emergency patient from the hospital for an evaluation. The other employee noticed that the driver was driving erratically and contacted the dispatcher to have another employee come to the scene in order to transport the patient. When the driver attempted to park the ambulance, however, he hit the curb and flattened one of the ambulance’s tires.… Read More

Pennsylvania Man Tries to Pin DUI on Grandmother

In a story recently reported by, a 22-year-old western Pennsylvania man allegedly tried to blame his drunk driving on his grandmother. The only problem with the man’s story was that his grandmother wasn’t with him at the time of the incident, or even anywhere in the vicinity. As your Pennsylvania DUI attorney can tell you, this is not the best way to raise a defense in your DUI case.

When John Ventresca Jr., of Center Township, tried to pull into the parking lot of a local convenience store, witnesses saw him strike other cars and a pole in the front of the store. Rochester police were called to the scene, where they suspected Ventresca of drunk driving. Ventresca, however, had a completely plausible explanation for his actions. He reportedly told police that his grandmother had actually been driving the vehicle, and that she was currently inside the convenience store using the restroom.… Read More