Month: August 2014

Three Men Charged in Late Night Golf Cart Joyride

Misguy0037 via Wikimedia Creative Commons LicenseEveryone does something they might later regret in their lives. Unfortunately, some of these things can spiral out of control and end up as criminal charges, including DUI. A mistake, especially when no one is hurt, should mean a jail sentence or a ruined reputation. The help of a skilled DUI defense attorney can make all the difference.

Three men are being charged for allegedly stealing two golf carts from a Washington County golf course for a joyride.

According to the Peters Township police chief, the three alleged joyriders were able to dislodge part of the fence and enter the golf course after hours on a Saturday night.

The three suspects were all 24-year-old males.

Someone was seen riding a golf cart on a cul-de-sac and the police were called in at around 10:30 at night. The one who called in the tip actually chased the golf cart on foot. As a jogger, he was able to keep up with them for quite some time, until the driver of the cart lost control and crashed, leaving the vehicle near a maintenance building.… Read More

Five Hospitalized After Suspected DUI Driver Runs Red Light

James BoweOne of the more difficult aspects of DUI cases is the vast range of initial charges that can stem from it. Many of them are simply someone being pulled over and deemed DUI by the police. Yet others start with a crash — into a pole, or a building, or other cars, or tragically, a human being. With so many complications, it’s in the interests of anyone who finds themselves under DUI charges to find the best defense possible.

A driver suspected of DUI ran a red light at an intersection, and five people were hospitalized.

Delaware State Police say the driver was in a 1998 Buick Century in Milford, Delaware, when he ran a red light at around 2:45 in the morning. The Buick hit the passenger side of a 2008 Nissan Altima driven by a 45-year-old man.

The Nissan driver and his two passengers, a 23-year-old woman and a 45-year-old woman, both were hurt and had to be extracted from the vehicle.… Read More

Crash in Delaware Leads to 4th DUI Charge for Man

A DUI arrest does not have to mean a DUI conviction. While some cases are obviously clear, so many more have flaws, whether it be the breath test or a blood test, or improper arrest procedures — any number of things can go wrong in the arrest and charging process. It’s only possible to take advantage of these flaws, however, with the help of a skilled and competent DUI defense lawyer.

A man has been charged with a fourth DUI offense after a crash that caused three people to sustain injuries, including the suspect himself, in Delaware.

The 48-year-old driver was driving a Mitsubishi Eclipse, according to reports, in Middletown, when he attempted to pass a tractor-trailer moving south in front of him. When he did so, he crossed into the northbound lanes and struck a 1991 Nissan NX operated by a 42-year-old man of Newark, Delaware.

The Mitsubishi rolled onto the shoulder of the highway, while the Nissan spun around and stopped in the northbound lane.… Read More

Man Charged with Third DUI in Three Months

Everyone has the right to a fair trial, no exceptions. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first arrest or the fifth — the defendant has the right to speak, as well as the presumption of innocence. Sometimes, this can be forgotten, however, in the prosecution’s zeal to prove his or her case. It takes an aggressive and engaged defense to make sure the defendant’s rights are observed at all times.

Police say a resident of Downingtown has been charged with DUI for the third time in as many months in West Whiteland Township.

The 42-year-old man was arrested and charged with a DUI after an accident near the intersection of Route 100 and Route 30, according to police. Officers received a call concerning an erratic driver and claim they saw the suspect’s vehicle run into a traffic signal box and two other vehicles.

He had been charged less than two weeks before for DUI after being found asleep in his vehicle, according to police.… Read More

Daughter on Her First Date Tragically Run Over: Dad Charged in DUI Death

H. AdamWhile most DUI incidents end with minor damage at best, all too many end in tragedy. These especially require a lawyer with both skill and discretion in the defense’s corner, someone with the experience to understand what a difficult time it is for everyone involved, including the defendant.

A man has been ordered to stand trial on drunken driving and endangerment charges after he backed over his own 12-year-old daughter during her first date, killing her.

The 54-year-old man from Pittsburgh waived his right to a preliminary hearing after prosecutors for Allegheny County added two counts of endangering the welfare of a child to the previous charge of driving under the influence.

Police say the man was drunk when his daughter got out of his SUV to pose for photographs with a boy after her first date. When the father got out of the car, the vehicle drove in reverse and rolled over the girl, dragging her backward until it hit a tree.… Read More

Pro Football Player Issued DUI for Marijuana

Royabrool via Wikimedia Creative Commons LicenseThere is more than one way of driving under the influence, as Steelers’ running backs LeGarrette Blout and Le’Veon Bell leaned on Wednesday hours before they were scheduled to board a flight Philadelphia for a preseason game.

According to reports, a Ross Township police officer on a patrol motorcycle stopped at a red light on McKnight Road.  Next to the police officer was a black Camaro, also stopped at the light.  According to the officer, he was able to smell the odor of marijuana coming from the partially opened window on the driver’s side door, although he could not see into the vehicle due to its tinted windows.  He made the traffic stop at the time. Bell was driving the Camaro, with teammate Blout in the passenger seat, and a female in the back seat.

According to the police report, Bell’s eyes were red and glassy, and his pupils were dilated, and after questioning he admitted that they had smoked within the past two hours and that there was a small amount marijuana in the glove compartment. … Read More

Steelers Running Backs Charged with DUI for Marijuana

Everyone deserves to have their side of the story told, especially when it comes to court cases or arrests. This includes arrests for driving under the influence. Ultimately, only the one who was driving really knows just how impaired he or she might be at any given time. Sometimes, not even the one being accused was aware of being above the legal limit. There are many, many things that can lead to a DUI arrest, but really only one thing that might mitigate, reduce, or even dismiss charges — a good DUI defense lawyer.

Police have filed marijuana charges against two Steelers running backs after a traffic stop just before the two were going to take a flight to play in a preseason game in Philadelphia. The two men were charged only hours before the event was to begin.

A motorcycle officer reported that he stopped next to a black Camaro at a red light.… Read More

Drunk Driver Creams Cop

Early Saturday morning an officer in Old City Philadelphia was sitting in his cruiser when the vehicle was struck by an SUV. The impact forced the cruiser up over the curb and into a lamp post. The officer suffered non-life threatening injuries and was transported to Jefferson Hospital where he was admitted for treatment.

The driver of the white SUV was arrested for driving under the influence after blowing nearly twice the legal limit when a breathalyzer was administered. The officer is listed as being in stable condition. The driver of the SUV was uninjured.

While every lapse in judgment involving alcohol isn’t as series as this case, even a DUI can have long lasting and unforeseen consequences. The Law Offices of Steven Kellis are experts in DUI Law. Steven Kellis brings twenty plus years of jury trial expertise to bare on your behalf. With his extensive background in Pennsylvania law and the inner workings of the District Attorney’s Office, he knows how to find the mistakes and errors made by law enforcement that make all the difference between conviction and acquittal.… Read More

Downingtown Man gets 3 DUI’s in Just as Many Months

Jpalinsad360This is the third strike in a row for a man from Downingtown who has been charged with DUI three months in less than 90 days.

Dharmesh Vaswani was arrested for the first time on May 31st by police at a DUI checkpoint on North Pottstown.  In the last week of July, he was arrested again, after he was found asleep in his car that was parked incorrectly in West Chester.  And then on August 8th a caller reported an erratic vehicle and when police responded, they found that the car Vaswani had been driving had struck two other vehicles as well as a traffic signal box.

It is not known if there were any injuries resulting from the accident, and there has been no comment made by either Vaswani, or his attorney.

Physical injuries, emotional trauma and the loss of life all have far reaching consequences that are hard to predict, but the immediate problems of medical bills, insurance claims and funeral arrangements can be over whelming after such a tragedy.… Read More

Man Arrested For Running Over Own Daughter

A Pittsburgh man, fifty-four-year old Richard Benton, has been arrested in connection to the death of his twelve-year-old daughter. Benton and the girl’s mother, Carla Harris, had driven to pick the girl up from her first date. When the girl got out of Benton’s SUV to pose to have her picture taken with her date, the vehicle drove over her, dragging her until it finally hit a tree. Benton had also gotten out of the vehicle and claimed that he thought it was in park at the time. Police have charged Benton with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child as well as a DUI charge.

A DUI conviction can have life altering effects for years down the road, effects that can cost people jobs, educations and even their families. Hiring an experienced DUI attorney can make all the difference when facing charges. Our firm brings years of jury trial expertise to bear on your behalf.… Read More