Pro Football Player Issued DUI for Marijuana

Royabrool via Wikimedia Creative Commons LicenseThere is more than one way of driving under the influence, as Steelers’ running backs LeGarrette Blout and Le’Veon Bell leaned on Wednesday hours before they were scheduled to board a flight Philadelphia for a preseason game.

According to reports, a Ross Township police officer on a patrol motorcycle stopped at a red light on McKnight Road.  Next to the police officer was a black Camaro, also stopped at the light.  According to the officer, he was able to smell the odor of marijuana coming from the partially opened window on the driver’s side door, although he could not see into the vehicle due to its tinted windows.  He made the traffic stop at the time. Bell was driving the Camaro, with teammate Blout in the passenger seat, and a female in the back seat.

According to the police report, Bell’s eyes were red and glassy, and his pupils were dilated, and after questioning he admitted that they had smoked within the past two hours and that there was a small amount marijuana in the glove compartment.  Bell was taken to the hospital for a blood draw to test for DUI.

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