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Having a few drinks with dinner and driving home may seem harmless. But if your blood alcohol level(BAC) reaches .08 percent, the legal drinking limit in Pennsylvania, you could be in serious trouble. No one thinks a DUI could happen to them, until you see those flashing red-and-blue lights in your rear-view mirror. A drinking and driving charge can be life-changing and put your employment and driving privileges at risk.

man holding beer with keys next to himIf you’ve been arrested for DUI, your first priority should be contacting an experienced attorney so that you can make informed choices about your offense. You will need a skilled advocate at your side to protect your rights and guide you through the legal system.

Berks County lawyer Steven Kellis has been handling charges just like yours for over twenty years. His practice is focused 100 percent on DUI defense and he understands Pennsylvania laws regarding drinking and driving. He knows tactics used by police officers and prosecutors and will help you get the best possible outcome for your charge.

Building Your Defense

A skilled and experienced lawyer can make all the difference when fighting a DUI. There are many ways that evidence against you can be challenged and disproved. For instance, if a breathalyzer was used to test your BAC , you will need an attorney to review the machine’s calibration and maintenance records.

It is possible that the reading was incorrect due to a faulty machine or human operator error. A successful challenge to evidence in your case could result in the charge being dismissed for a lack of evidence.

An attorney will also need to challenge the manner in which the police officer collected evidence during your arrest. Pretrial motions will be filed to suppress evidence against you, which will be handled at a court hearing before trial. The police who made the arrest and asked you to perform field sobriety tests, or administered blood or urine tests to measure BAC will also need to be cross-examined.

As part of your defense strategy, an attorney will need to scrutinize every aspect of your case. It will be important to expose any inconsistencies or problems in the investigation and evidence-gathering techniques to get the charges against you reduced or dropped.

Investigating Your Case

All information related to the arrest will need to be reviewed, including physical evidence and procedures that the police used during the stop. These items include:

  • Police videotape of the scene and arrest
  • The reading of Miranda rights
  • Questioning by police officers
  • Administering of field sobriety tests

Analysis of this evidence can result in the mitigation or dismissal of your charges, depending on the circumstances.

About Steven Kellis

Attorney Kellis spent five years working with DUI cases as a Senior Assistant District Attorney and DUI Prosecutor, and therefore has firsthand knowledge about the methods used by prosecutors and police officers in drunk driving cases.

As a defense attorney he has aggressive investigation and cross-examination tactics and his law practice is focused 100 percent on Pennsylvania DUI defense. Mr. Kellis will assist you throughout the legal process and fight to get the best possible outcome for your case. He has a strong track record for successfully defending clients in Berks County and throughout Pennsylvania.

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A DUI conviction can negatively impact your life and affect your job, future employment options and your ability to drive. Steven Kellis has the experience and expertise to provide you with skilled legal representation for your DUI case.

With his assistance, you can make informed decisions about your charge so that you can move forward with your life. Contact the law office of Steven Kellis today for a free consultation.