Pennsylvania Breathalyzer Refusal Laws

pennsylvania breathalyzer refusal laws

Are you facing DUI charges in Pennsylvania? Did you perhaps refuse the breathalyzer test or blood test in an effort to beat the charges? If so, there are mandatory minimum penalties such as a suspended drivers license, possible probation, fines, etc. Do not face this alone. Please contact Pennsylvania DUI Defense Attorney Steven E. Kellis for a free case review.

Penalties For Violating Pennsylvania Breathalyzer Test Laws

If someone is charged with a DUI but has refused to take the breath test and blood test, then what I do is to obviously argue that it was not a proper refusal. If we can argue that the driver, that the defendant was not given an opportunity to take the test, or if the officer or the state trooper did not read the proper implied consent warnings to the defendant, then the refusal will not come in, and then there will be a good chance that the DUI case could be dismissed if there’s not any underlying bad driving or observations of the officer will not harm the defendant in the DUI case.

Pennsylvania Implied Consent Laws

By virtue of operating a motor vehicle and having a drivers license you agree to Pennsylvania’s implied consent laws. These state that you agree to take blood alcohol tests if you are suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. License suspensions for those arrested for DUI who refuse to submit to breath or chemical testing may be increased. Breath, blood or chemical testing may now be required for individuals who are arrested for driving under a DUI-related suspension or driving without an ignition interlock device (IID).

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