Three People Injured in a Crash Involving Man’s 4th DUI

Rick AndersoNewark Delaware resident David Reyne, 42, was driving a 1991 Nissan NX northbound on DE Rte 301 Monday night when a car pulled out from behind a tractor-trailer truck driving in the opposite direction and hit his vehicle head on.

48-year-old Allan K Belile was the driver of the 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse that attempted to pass the trailer truck and hit Reyne’s car.  Both Belile, Reyne, and the passenger in Reyne’s car were transported by EMS crews to a local hospital with non-fatal injuries.

Authorities are planning on arresting Belile once he has been released from the hospital.  Some of the charges against him currently include two counts of vehicular assault, and one count of 4th offense, driving under the influence of alcohol.

No one plans on suffering injuries when they get in their vehicle, but accidents still happen even when all necessary precautions are taken. The average person believes that they will arrive safely on the door step of their intended destination, no worse for wear. When that doesn’t happen, an accident occurs and people are injured; it seems as if the whole world is coming unraveled.

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