Three Men Charged in Late Night Golf Cart Joyride

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Three men are being charged for allegedly stealing two golf carts from a Washington County golf course for a joyride.

According to the Peters Township police chief, the three alleged joyriders were able to dislodge part of the fence and enter the golf course after hours on a Saturday night.

The three suspects were all 24-year-old males.

Someone was seen riding a golf cart on a cul-de-sac and the police were called in at around 10:30 at night. The one who called in the tip actually chased the golf cart on foot. As a jogger, he was able to keep up with them for quite some time, until the driver of the cart lost control and crashed, leaving the vehicle near a maintenance building.

According to the chief, the driver was intoxicated and had a pipe and marijuana on his person. Another joyrider fled the scene, but he was soon found, because the first man caught reported on the second.

The chief said, however, that the second man was not the one riding in the cart with the intoxicated suspect, which led to the arrest of a third individual.

All three of the suspects are charged with trespassing, theft, and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, with the cart driver facing DUI and drug charges, as well.

All of them made bond and were released from Washington County jail.

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