Bucks County Ambulance Driver Fired for On-Duty DUI

DUI Attorney in Bucks County PA Wary of Career Implications

According to a recent article in The Advance, leaders of the Newtown Ambulance Squad met with Newtown Township supervisors about a highly publicized incident in April involving a minor accident by a reportedly intoxicated ambulance driver that occurred while he was transporting a patient. Squad leaders met with township leaders in order to reassure them that they would take additional steps to ensure that drivers were not under the influence of alcohol or drugs before ever getting behind the wheel of an ambulance.

In the incident at issue, the driver and another employee were called into work in order to transport a non-emergency patient from the hospital for an evaluation. The other employee noticed that the driver was driving erratically and contacted the dispatcher to have another employee come to the scene in order to transport the patient. When the driver attempted to park the ambulance, however, he hit the curb and flattened one of the ambulance’s tires. Police then arrived on the scene and administered a field sobriety test to the driver, who failed it and admitted that he was an alcoholic. Law enforcement authorities charged the driver with DWI, reckless endangerment, and careless driving. The driver was immediately fired by the Newtown Ambulance Squad following the incident, despite a spotless two-year employment record with the ambulance service.

As your Bucks County DUI attorney well knows, this case illustrates not only the criminal charges that a person can face when accused of driving while intoxicated, but also the professional implications. This ambulance driver lost his job of two years even though he has not been convicted of DWI or any crime. Likewise, the driver is likely to lose his state EMT license, regardless of whether he is convicted, and will lose his driver’s license if he is convicted. These consequences effectively have ended the man’s career as an EMT, and will now force him to pursue a completely different career path, which can be very difficult in today’s economy. The man may lose much-needed income while attempting to find another job or retraining for another type of career. As you can see, there can be substantial negative implications resulting from a DUI charge, even if you are ultimately not convicted.

If you are accused of DUI or a related crime, contact an experienced, knowledgeable DUI attorney in Bucks County PA right away in order to potentially minimize or avoid the serious consequences that you are facing if convicted – or even if you are not convicted. Let us give you the legal assistance that you will need in building the strongest defense possible in your case. Contact The Law Offices of Steven E. Kellis today.