I Am Looking for an Experienced DUI Attorney. How Do I Find One?

Whether you or someone you know has recently been arrested for DUI, it’s always best to have a solid Pennsylvania DUI lawyer in mind any time you get in legal trouble. 

Having a criminal defense lawyer experienced with DUI cases is about more than just avoiding charges, after all. It’s about knowing the path you’re about to tread, being aware of your rights, and making the authorities work as hard as they possibly can if they want to secure a conviction. Far too many people accept things at face value that simply aren’t true, such as the idea that a breathalyzer result is unbeatable.

So if you’re ever in a situation where you’ve been arrested or are likely going to be arrested for a DUI, remember three things: keep quiet, comply with requests to take a test (unless you want a license suspension), and get your lawyer to do all the talking for you.

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Finding a qualified DUI lawyer in Pennsylvania isn’t hard, but you do want to be picky. Not every lawyer is right for your situation, and your preferences may come into play. You can use the following strategies to not only help you find the right lawyer but to know what questions to ask to get your case started on the right foot.

And, remember, you can always call for a free consultation before you decide to work with them. For instance, Steven E. Kellis, an experienced lawyer in southeastern Pennsylvania, has an outstanding reputation among his clients and peers. Call (215) 977-4183 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help you.

Best Ways to Find a Qualified DUI Attorney in Pennsylvania

There are several strategies you can use to discover a DUI lawyer who can provide criminal defense for your ongoing case. Some of the most effective methods include:

Word of Mouth

Good lawyers stand on their reputation, especially in the criminal law field. Ask your friends, family, neighbors, and other acquaintances who they have hired.

Focus on experience in addition to results. Work with a lawyer that someone felt good about dealing with. The ideal DUI attorney keeps you informed throughout your case process. They are also willing to fight to make your case goals happen. If you’re looking to plea to a lesser charge, they should be working with prosecutors. And if you are interested in fighting your charges 100% of the way, they should be prepared to take your case to a jury trial.

Also, remember that not every outcome is duplicatable – both good and bad. If someone got off “scot-free”, don’t assume the same will be true for you. On the other hand, if someone ended up having to plea out of charges instead of getting them dropped, then don’t assume your options will be just as limited. That’s why focusing on experience and not just results matters so much.

Online Search

Searching for your attorney online can be a bit like a treasure hunt, but you have lots of resources at your disposal. Make sure to not just evaluate a lawyer based on their search engine ranking or the flashiness of their website, but also their experience and their reviews.

Sift through reviews from a variety of sources, including reviews that are available on third-party peer-rating sites. Look for consistent positives and consistent negatives to get an idea of the strengths, weaknesses, pros, and cons of each respective lawyer. 

Be skeptical of scathing reviews or reviews glowing with praise if they seem to be a one-time experience that wasn’t duplicated. You’re looking for a pattern, not an anomaly, so you can predict what your own experience will be like.

Lawyer Lead Generation Websites

Sites like FindLaw and Avvo have many benefits. For one, they offer great legal information and other resources. However, the services they use to “match” you with lawyers in your area can be inconsistent. 

This is especially true if you live in a smaller area, like York, PA. Matches may also be made according to someone who is the highest bidder or who uses the platform most adeptly. This is why one website might match you with a lawyer who’s completely different than another.

There’s nothing wrong with using a lead generation website as a resource, but don’t assume that you have to work with a lawyer just because you discovered them through the platform. Keep your options open, compare and contrast, and make an objective decision based upon multiple criteria.

Qualities to Look for in a DUI Attorney

  • Outstanding reputation among clients and peers
  • Experience, including trial experience and experience in your specific area
  • Familiarity with your local laws, courts, judges, prosecutors, and criminal justice system
  • Accommodating of your schedule and contact preferences
  • Open and honest at all points of your case
  • Informative of your legal options and what you can expect from proceedings
  • Thorough when it comes to researching the law and discovering defense opportunities
  • Educated about the science of DUI law, including flaws in chemical tests and other methods used to determine probable cause for a DUI arrest
  • Stays in communication with you, and is reachable at most times
  • Has a personality and working manner you can get along with
  • Attentive to your concerns and preferences
  • Willing to work with you to help you achieve your preferred strategy

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