Will I lose my Driver’s License if I’ve been arrested for a DUI in PA?

In the state of Pennsylvania, if someone is arrested for DUI and has a CDL, which is known as a commercial driver’s license, then if the person pleads guilty or is found guilty, or even enters the ARD program, he will be subject to a one-year license suspension of his CDL. Now, that is a federal law and that is what would happen in Pennsylvania. That’s why it is very, very important for a person who has a CDL, and that person depends on his livelihood by using that CDL, to contact a DUI lawyer who would fight the case for him, and either get the case dismissed, or possibly get the charge of DUI reduced down to another charge, such as careless driving, recklessly endangering another person, where then the person would not lose his CDL and could continue to drive and continue to work at his job and support his family