Why should I not just plead guilty and get on with my life?

If someone gets a DUI charge in the state of Pennsylvania, it’s very important for that person not to just go in and plead guilty to the DUI. It’s also very important for that person to consult a DUI lawyer, especially an attorney who specializes in DUI cases, such as myself. I will advise that person who did receive the DUI charge on the possible consequences of pleading guilty, plus there may be other things that we can do besides pleading guilty, possibly reducing the charge to something other than a DUI, or, here in the state of Pennsylvania there is a possible first offender program that we can place the person in that would dismiss the charge, and then eventually we can file a petition in order for the expungement of that DUI arrest to take place.

So it’s very important that a person who is arrested for a DUI does not just go in and plead guilty, to call me and I will talk to you about your DUI case, and eventually if you decide to hire me, I will take care of the case and hopefully lessen the consequences, and either get the case dismissed through the first offender program or other means.