If I want to avoid trial and close the case what do you recommend?

Well, once again, you should hire a competent DUI attorney to handle your case. One thing that we will be looking at is this your first DUI in the past 10 years, or do you have multiple other DUIs. If it’s your first DUI, then there are programs we can get you in; first offender programs, ARD programs, which will get the case dismissed, and then the attorney can then do the expungement and get the DUI arrest expunged from your criminal history.

You never just want to go into court and plead guilty, and you never of course just want to go into court and ask for a trial. That’s why you need a competent DUI lawyer to look at the case, to analyze the case to see if there is any issues in the case, such as was there reasonable suspicion for the – for the driver to be pulled over, was there probable cause to arrest the driver for DUI, were the proper implied consent warnings given where the driver did go ahead or did not take the chemical test. All those might be looked upon before a decision is made whether to take a case to trial or not. Thank you.