What To Do After A DUI Arrest In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania DUI Defense Lawyers

what to do after a dui arrest in pennsylvania

What to do after a DUI arrest in Pennsylvania is crucial to obtaining a favorable outcome. After someone has been arrested for a DUI in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, it is very important to contact an attorney. The reason is because that attorney can immediately look at the case, if there was a police report filed. More importantly, if the person refused to take the test, then the attorney, especially a qualified Pennsylvania DUI lawyer, would contact the police officer to see if he actually sent up the paperwork for the refusal to occur to Penn DOT.

If not, a lot of times with a conversation with the officer, then that could be foregone on him sending up the paperwork to Penn DOT. So it’s very important that if someone does receive a DUI to contact a lawyer and also it’s important because the person is usually scared, doesn’t know what’s going to happen to the case. It is a criminal case, it’s a misdemeanor case and a competent DUI lawyer can talk to that person and educate on what’s going to happen and mainly allay the fears of what will happen in the future after the DUI arrest.