What if I hire an attorney who does not specialize in DUI defense?

Someone who has been arrested here in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania for a DUI offense, it’s very important for that person to hire a specialist, an attorney who specializes in DUI defense. And the reason is, is because the person just does not want to go in and plead guilty to that DUI charge, because the consequences could be severe jail time, longer loss of a driver’s license, and other consequences, such as having the DUI arrest on his criminal history.

Basically, what I do as a DUI lawyer is I will obviously evaluate the case, talk to the officer, talk to the prosecutor on the case and try to do something with the case, such as if it’s a second DUI or multiple DUIs, reduce the tier, meaning that tier three would be the highest tier, with the most severe consequences, if we could lower it to tier one or even tier two, then the jail time will be minimized greatly, and also the license suspension would be minimized greatly. Also, if there is a chance to have the DUI reduced to another charge, such as a careless driving or recklessly endangering another person charge, that’s also something that we will try to do with either the police officer or the prosecutor on the case. And with all that, that’s why it’s very important that someone should hire a specialist, such as myself, who only does DUI cases, to represent him or her in the DUI situation.

Another aspect is that there are other avenues besides jail time that someone can do, such as house arrest or work release, where the person must spend a night in jail, however, get out in the morning, and he could go to work during the day, which would obviously ultimately save his job. And that’s other aspects that a specialist, that a competent DUI lawyer will be looking at in the person’s DUI case.