What are the consequences if I have a conviction for a DUI in PA?

There are many consequences that someone may face if they have a conviction for a DUI. The obvious consequence for a conviction is your employment. If you have a conviction for a DUI, certain jobs, certain companies might fire you. Or, if you’re trying to get additional or future employment, that may be an impediment to any future employment if you have a DUI on your record.

More importantly, your driver’s license. A DUI conviction will suspend your driver’s license. The question is, for how long? If you have a competent attorney who specializes in DUI defense, they can obviously get that driver’s license suspension reduced.

The number one thing is, with the DUI conviction, it’s going to go on your record, so with a specialized DUI defense lawyer, it’s very important that he look into the case and see if there’s any way to get that case dismissed, or reduced, or to possibly go into the first offender program.