What are the consequences of refusing a BAC test?

The consequences of refusing to take the breath test or the blood test in the state of Pennsylvania can be severe. The reason is is because if you do refuse to take the test, then it automatically places you into the third tier, Tier 3, as a refusal. The same as if you took the test and if you’re above a .16 or had some type of illegal narcotics or prescription medications in your system.

However, a more severe consequence to refusing to take the test is that Penn DOT, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, will suspend your driver’s license for an additional one year on top of whatever you get on the DUI criminal case for the suspension of the license. So I do get that question asked a lot. Should I or should I not take the test and get a DUI arrest in the State of Pennsylvania? My answer is yes, you should take the test because the consequences if you don’t are much more severe.