Getting DUI Cases Dismissed

getting dui cases dismissed

The first step in the Pennsylvania DUI process is the preliminary hearing. At a preliminary hearing, the district court judge usually looks to see if there is a prima facie case made by the officer. Basically, what he is looking for is whether there is reasonable suspicion to pull the driver over, whether there was a traffic violation that occurred is number one. Number two, whether there was probable cause to arrest the person for DUI, and number three, whether the implied consent warnings are given. There have been many times in the past that I have gotten the case dismissed at the preliminary hearing level because there was no reason for the officer to pull my client over, or there was no reason for him to place my client under arrest for DUI. I am Pennsylvania DUI Lawyer Steven E. Kellis and I have gotten many Pennsylvania DUI cases dismissed at the preliminary hearing level.

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Types Of DUI Cases I Handle

I handle all possible types of DUI’s in Pennsylvania. These include first offense DUI’s, second offense DUI’s, third offense DUI’s, felony DUI’s, underage DUI’s, marijuana DUI’s, cocaine DUI’s, Ambien DUI’s and DUI cases with a child in the vehicle. There are other types of DUI’s and I handle those as well.

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