What will happen to my Driver’s License if I get a DUI outside PA?

If somebody is convicted of a DUI or DWI, as some states will call it, out of state, and he has a Pennsylvania driver’s license, he’s a resident of Pennsylvania, if it’s the first time he’s ever been arrested for DUI, the paperwork from that state will come back to Pennsylvania to PennDOT, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, who controls the Pennsylvania driver’s license, and usually, if it’s a first DUI, that person will not have a suspension here in the state of Pennsylvania. His driving privileges, of course, will be suspended in the state in which the offense occurred, but if it’s a first DUI and he has a good driving history, then it will not be suspended. However, if he’s had a prior DUI any time in his past, here in Pennsylvania or anywhere else, and even if it’s over ten years ago, then more likely Pennsylvania and PennDOT will suspend his driver’s license because of the out-of-state DUI.