Has Steven E. Kellis ever successfully fought a field sobriety test?

Well, with the field sobriety tests, what we’re looking at are the various tests that are given. The horizontal gaze nystagmus test, which is commonly referred to as the HGN test, the nine step walk and turn and the one leg stand. The officers have to be properly trained to give these tests.

On the horizontal gaze nystagmus test, the officers are looking for nystagmus in the eyes, whether there is jerking of the eyes. That’s something that we will look at either through the police report, or more importantly, if there is a video of the incident, we’ll look at that. Also on the nine step walk and turn, we’re looking at if the person followed the instruction, was he walking from heel to toe, did he step off the line, did he conduct the turn properly. And on the one leg stand, did the – was the person standing on one foot, obviously. Was he hopping, did he put the foot down, did he follow instructions? And all that we will be looking at through the video of the police arrest, and then we would determine whether the field sobriety tests were done properly or not.