Traffic Fatalities at a Record Low in 2014

striped-road-asphaltA recently released report from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation indicates that in 2014, traffic fatalities were at a record low across the state compared to previous years. According to spokesman for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Rich Kirkpatrick, that in 2014 there were 1,195 traffic fatalities in Pennsylvania last year.  This drop in fatalities is the sharpest drop since records began being kept in 1928.

The goal nationwide is to have zero fatalities on the road.   Because of this, both federal and state governments are investing a great deal of money in someday realizing that goal.

Kirkpatrick attributes this to programs such as public service safety messages and DUI enforcement.  The money being spent on these programs appears to be paying off since DUI fatalities and fatalities where seatbelts were not in use are down significantly.

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