Gunshot Investigation Leads to DUI Arrest

download (37)Unless you openly take a swig out of a bottle while driving, the police need other evidence before pulling you over to check for DUI. These can be things like driving erratically, stopping at green lights, or any other driving behavior that is dangerous or unusual. But sometimes the police are drawn by much more serious circumstances.

An off-duty police officer was arrested for DUI after police responded to a gunshot in a parking lot. The officer had accidentally discharged his weapon and wounded a friend. The friend was taken to the hospital for surgery. The wound was non-life-threatening.

During the investigation, police found evidence of alcohol and arrested the shooter for DUI. He has been suspended without pay from the Pine Beach Police Department. He has been on the force for roughly seven months.

Officers of the law must be held to a high standard if the public is to trust their judgment in apprehending criminals. Nevertheless, we do not know from the news story what the evidence of alcohol use was. The courts and the police department will have to examine the evidence and decide what happens.

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