DUI Arrest Leads to Steroids Trafficking Bust

download (38)When the police arrest someone for a crime, any crime, they will run their information through a criminal database to check for outstanding warrants or any other investigations. Sometimes a simple arrest for DUI can lead to much more serious charges after these leads are followed up. That’s what has happened to one man in Lower Heidelberg.

The man was arrested early in the morning for DUI. When police looked up his record, they discovered that he was under suspicion for trafficking steroids and had fake identifications. Since the man was under arrest they followed up the aliases and found that a storage unit in Pennsylvania was rented under one of them.

The police obtained a warrant and searched the facility, the man’s home and his vehicle. The found over 1000 doses of oral and injectable steroids along with over 1000 hypodermic needles. They also found shipping envelopes addressed to people across the US that contained the items. The man now faces a bevy of drug charges and drug trafficking charges. The man now awaits arraignment as of the news story.

If you are caught performing a serious crime, the prosecution will do everything they can to convict you. If evidence for more serious charges hinges on the legality of a DUI arrest then it is crucial that the accused has a defense lawyer that can fight DUI. If you’ve been arrested for DUI in the State of Pennsylvania, call Steven Kellis for a free consultation.