Hope Solo Suspended for Actions during Husband’s DUI Arrest

download (40)Sometimes a person’s DUI arrest can have unexpected consequences for the passengers as well. For instance, if you’re caught with DUI while you have your children in the vehicle you might get a visit from the Office of Children, Youth, and Families. But one incident has now given a soccer superstar a 30 day suspension.

Hope Solo has been suspended for what happened during her husband’s DUI arrest. She was with her husband in California when they were pulled over for not having their headlights on. Solo was neither arrested nor detained, but U.S. Soccer has still suspended her for 30 days. They did not specify a reason, but her coach made a statement:

“During our current national team camp, Hope made a poor decision that has resulted in a negative impact on U.S. Soccer and her teammates. We feel at this time it is best for her to step away from the team.”

Solo accepted the suspension and had this to say in response:

“I accept and respect the Federation’s decision, and more importantly, I apologize for disappointing my teammates, coaches and the Federation who have always supported me.  I think it’s best for me to take a break, decompress from the stress of the last several months, and come back mentally and physically ready to positively contribute to the team.”

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