DUI Homicide in Wissinoming

download (1)Not every DUI case can be defended completely, especially in cases where injuries or fatalities also happened at the crash. We urge all our readers to avoid drinking and driving, or you could end up like today’s case.

Back in February 2013, a man was driving a minivan on Frankfort Avenue near Comley Street in Wissinoming. His vehicle jumped the curb and killed a 58-year-old woman in front of her husband. The woman had just pushed him out of the way when she saw the van coming toward them.

The driver in this accident pled guilty to the charge of homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence and other charges. He has now been sentenced to 5 ½ to 12 years in the state prison and also to pay $15,000 in restitution.

There are cases where police make errors in charging people with DUI. That is where defense lawyers like Stephen Kellis can help. The consequences of DUI conviction are so long-lasting that it makes sense to fight it whenever possible. Nevertheless, there are some cases where there is no escape from a sentence. In these cases, a good defense lawyer can negotiate with the judge and prosecution for mercy.

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