Breathlyzers Donated to Court for Checks in the Courtroom

download (53)The family of a Pennsylvania State Trooper who was killed by a drunk driver has donated two portable breathalyzers to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

Pennsylvania State Trooper Iwaniec was killed by a drunk driver on his way home from the Avondale Barracks in 2008.  The machines will be used by Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputies to screen those who are suspected of being drunk when showing up for their day in court.

According to Sheriff Russell Bono, the machines were needed because some defendants actually show up to their court hearings under the influence.

Iwaniec’s family began a foundation that began to distribute the portable breathalyzers to each state police barracks in the state.  The foundation met its initial goal of distributing 86 devices and has since given an additional 600 more to Sheriff’s Departments across Pennsylvania.

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