Former Paramedic Of the Year Arrested for DUI

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A former South Carolina paramedic has been charged after crashing his RV. He is alleged to have been driving under the influence. Troopers say he also attempted to escape his handcuffs.

The former paramedic was arrested after he lost control of his RV on Highway 200 and flew right into a ditch. A witness said the RV had left the ground for several yards and the driver of the motor home was bleeding from the head.

Troopers say the RV driver attempted to hide his level of intoxication when questioned. According to them, he was eating a lot of food and drinking water. Investigators say he still failed field sobriety tests and refused to take a breath test.

According to troopers, when they took the RV driver to the ER, he became verbally abusive, shouting insults and profanities to the staff. He also kept trying to take off his handcuffs by sticking objects into the keyhole in an attempt to take them off. The suspect claimed to be former law enforcement, a trooper said.

The RV driver was a paramedic in Lancaster County, South Carolina for almost thirty years. He retired in 2012, just before investigators were to announce criminal charges against him. An arrest warrant says he stole morphine from an EMS office.

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