Four Students Injured in Bus Crash

images (13)Nine people have been injured after an accident involving a car, an SUV and a school bus last week. Among the injured were four students.

According to authorities, the accident happened at the intersection of Rampart and Bissonet streets when the driver of a silver Toyota FJ Cruiser traveling at a high rate of speed down Rampart crashed their vehicle into a maroon car and pushed it into the school bus.

Witnesses say she started pushing on the brake to stop but the driver of the Toyota kept pushing. The driver did stop eventually but not until the car had been left in a mangled hulk between the two other vehicles.

A total of nine people were transported by paramedics to an area hospital. Four of those injured were students on the school bus, while the other accident victims included two children and one adult in the maroon car and two people who were in the Toyota Cruiser at the time of the accident.

None of the injuries were considered serious.

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